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LRPD cop Johvoni McClendon arrested and facing felony charges for shooting incident

Johvoni Antonio McClendon

Little Rock cop Johvoni Antonio McClendon, age 25, a Saline County resident, was arrested today and charged with Battery 1st Degree (a Class B Felony) and Assault - 1st Degree ( a Class A Misdemeanor).

McClendon's mugshot

McClendon was bonded out of jail a little while after being booked

The charges stem from a shooting incident that occurred on early on Saturday, September 30th near the intersection of Mabelvale Pike and Mabelvale Circle.

LRPD posted about the shooting at around 4 a.m.


When an officer involved shooting occurs, LRPD places that cop on administrative leave.

LRPD did not identify the cop and it wasn't until criminal charges were being filed that he was identified.

Instead of updating the public and being transparent, LRPD was posting copaganda all over social media showing their mercenary cops at National Night Out activities.

Like McClendon, most all LRPD cops refuse to live in the safe city of Little Rock due to crime and schools.

Things picked up today when the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney posted this on his Facebook page.

LRPD also sent out a press release to a limited group of individuals.


LRPD and the Prosecuting Attorney held a brief press conference that went over the incident and charges.


 McClendon joined LRPD back in July of 2021.

McClendon went to Parkview High and graduated from there in 2016.

He went to Henderson State University on a football scholarship.

 But mysteriously left to attend UCA.
McClendon graduated from UCA in 2020 with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Education.

He worked for Tac Air as a student and was working for them when he applied for employment with LRPD in August of 2020.

McClendon purchased a home in Saline County the moth after he graduated from the LRPD Recruit School.

Apparently the videos of the incident show that McClendon acted recklessly and violated LRPD Use of Force policy and should have been immediately terminated.

If he had been employed by the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department, that would have happened.

The city of Little Rock and LRPD is hamstrung by the collective bargaining agreement they have with the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police.

Corrupt cops can remain on administrative leave with full pay and insurance benefits for several years waiting for a criminal case to be resolved.

McClendon is being represented by the LRFOP shyster, Robert Newcomb.

Newcomb frequently has his law license suspended due to his sketchy and questionable legal practices.

Stay tuned for updates and additional records as they are provided.


***UPDATE - 10/6/23  - 2:00 PM***

The parents of Brenden Johnson (Alisha Ware and Donald Johnson) and their attorney, Austin Porter held a press conference this afternoon. 
Porter stated that they had limited information from authorities regarding the shooting. 
Porter stated that Brenden Johnson (20 yrs old) was in a pickup truck with three of his friends when several LRPD cops approached the vehicle with guns drawn.

According to Porter, the driver and a back seat passenger exited the vehicle after ordered by LRPD cops to get out. 

Brendan Johnson crawled from the back seat up to the drivers seat and attempted to drive away. That is when LRPD cop Johvoni Antonio McClendon (25 yr old) fired around five rounds from his handgun striking Johnson in the left side of the face with the bullet going across his eyes causing severe damage.

LRPD kept Johnson's parents from visiting him for two days.
We don't have a lot of information about attorney Porter, except that we know that back in 2019 he owed the city of Little Rock $300 in unpaid parking fines.

That information was obtained and included in a story we ran about parking fine scofflaws. Click here to read that story.


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