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LRPD wants you to be a Confidential Informant

  The Little Rock Police Department is asking citizens and businesses to "partner" with them to help fight crime in the safe city of Little Rock. They created a website for you to sign up and connect your doorbell and home or business security cameras to their "Real Time Crime Center".  Camera integration is an expensive process.   And all records regarding the location and providers of the cameras are not being released to the public because the Scott Administration states the individuals and businesses that participate are considered to be confidential informants .  Confidential informants are also know on the street as snitches .  We know this because we made a Freedom of Information request for records associated with And this was the reply we received from the city and LRPD. What is Arkansas Act 1012? Take a look. Is the city of Little Rock paying for the pricey devices to connect these camera to their secret police web based system?   

Lowly accounting clerk appointed Interim Director of Pulaski County Community Services to replace Fred Love

  At another administration hearing today to represent and advocate for another victim of the alleged fraud at Pulaski County Housing Agency ("PCHA") our Russ Racop learned that Tonya Hodges had been appointed Interim Director  of  Pulaski County Community Services to replace Fred Love. Up until Friday of last week, Hodges was a simple accounting clerk earning under $35,000 a year to process voucher and utility payments for housing programs.   In sworn testimony, Hodges stated she was an "accountant" and began employment on August 1, 2022.  Racop in his cross examination of her found that Hodges was not a Certified Public Accountant, did not have a degree in accounting but did have an associates degree. Hodges also admitted that she had little knowledge and no training from HUD or the county about their programs and had little familiarity with the practice of processing housing applications or reviewing those records for compliance.  Racop asked her if she had revie

Another victory for a wronged client of Pulaski County Housing Agency

A second individual our Russ Racop advocated for in their administrative hearing concerning Pulaski County Housing Agency ("PCHA") revoking their housing assistance voucher under false pretenses, won their appeal and are to have their voucher restored.  Here is the decision of that administrative hearing.   As of the time of this story, two other individuals that had their voucher revoked has asked Racop to represent and advocate for them at their administrative hearing.

Pulaski County Housing Agency found to have violated client's rights in very first administrative hearing - Main evidence of alleged fraud by PCHA former staff tossed by hearing offical as unreliable

Our investigative journalistic efforts to uncover and report on corruption at the Pulaski County Housing Agency and assist and advocate for victims of that agency's incompetent and criminal conduct has resulted in the resignation of Veletta Smith, a Deputy County Attorney and Fred Love, Pulaski County Community Service Director. Our advocacy efforts also resulted in having a victory in the very first administrative hearing conducted over clients of PCHA having housing assistance vouchers revoked by PCHA under claims of criminal wrongdoing by former PCHA employees. Included in that victory was a finding by the Neutral Hearing Officer, Pamela Abrams, that a critical record cited by Love and County Judge Barry Hyde that they allege points to former staff members conspiracy to commit fraud against PCHA and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") was tossed out and will not be considered as evidence against PCHA clients. Take a look at the findings.   We ar

Evidence of corruption forces resignation of two Pulaski County officials

  Evidence we uncovered that proved Pulaski County Community Services Director and Arkansas State Senator Fred Love and Pulaski County Deputy Attorney Veletta Smith conspired to arrange fraudulent circumstances to create an emergency to allow Smith's son to obtain a voucher from Love's agency to rent a home that Smith owned. Smith in turn received funds from that arrangement. Records revealed that Smith utilized county resources for personal and financial benefit. All of the circumstances surrounding the implosion of the Pulaski County Housing Agency have been detailed in two previous stories:    Link Link According to  Madeline Roberts, the county’s communications director, Smith tendered her resignation on August 8th. That's the day after our Russ Racop sent an email to County Judge Hyde and others detailing Smith's illegal activities. Then Racop sent this email to Judge Hyde, Love and all the Quorum Court members.  Love tendered his resignation the very next day, i.e