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Sherwood District Court Judge "Butch" Hale gives a LRPD cop break for illegally using ACIC access and his clerk refuses to provide court records pursuant to an AFOIA request

Rogue LRPD cop McWayne gets a pass from Judge Hale and his clerk, Grace Gault, won't release public records.   In August of 2021, LRPD cop Miles McWayne was involved in a domestic dispute with his baby mama, Brittnay Wiles. Wiles had moved on and had a new boyfriend, Stephen Babb. McWayne wasn't happy about the new relationship and he illegally accessed records concerning Babb on the Arkansas Crime Information Center ("ACIC") database.  Babb filed a complaint and LRPD conducted an internal and criminal investigation and charged were filed against the rogue cop. The case was initially filed in Little Rock District Court, but was subsequently transferred to Sherwood District Court after Judge Melanie Martin recused. Martin is a friend to LRPD cops and doesn't want to deal with their fuck-ups to keep her relationship with them on good terms. Judge Hale didn't convict him of any crime for using ACIC information for his personal use. Judge Hale's actions in t

Pulaski County Circuit Clerk has to make public a secret employee photo album they told employees they would keep private

    Back in 2019, the Pulaski County Circuit & County Clerk's Office was making a employee photo album. One that Margie Worlow would be a secreet, in-office only document. Apparently Margie Worlow, the Jury Administrator for the Pulaski County Circuit Clerk's Office was ignorant of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. We say was, because she has been apprised of that and some other important information (you can't refuse to provide your name to a patron) by Marc Harrison, Chief Administrator for the Pulaski County Circuit & County Clerk's office.  Records, like the PCCC's employee photo album are public records, and as such are subject to disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act ("AFOIA").   Our own Russ Racop had dealings with her and another employee last week over incorrect information on a new voter registration card he received from their office.   Racop was reassigned from Ward 6 to Ward 4 after the city of Little Rock mov

Abducted teenager from Hot Springs released by captives - she walked to a nearby liqour store and called parents

Police in Hot Springs have arrested two people in a case that prompted an Amber Alert Tuesday, Omar Cervantes with the police department told reporters. Samuel Wayne Bolling, Jr., 38, of Hot Springs, and Dayla Diane Ferrer, 19, of Atoka, Tennessee, were booked on charges of rape, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, false imprisonment, and battery. Arkansas police sent out an Amber Alert Tuesday morning after a man told a missing 17-year-old girl's mother he would kill the girl without $10,000. According to the alert from the Arkansas State Police, Trynytee Case was last seen leaving work at Pour Some Sugar on Me Bakery in downtown Hot Springs Monday at approximately 9:15 p.m. Case, along with another female coworker, were walking to their vehicles parked a block away. They were met by a white female (Ferrer) standing near a parked vehicle. The unknown woman asked Case if she could use her phone. The  woman said she was lost and her parents were staying in a condo in the resort

Citizens blast the mayor and police chief at a LRPD copaganda event

What LRPD calls them and what they really are LRPD has held three of what they call "Courageous Conversations". Apparently they need courage to take these dog & pony shows out to the residents. These events are being held in churches where the part-time pastors, ones that never speak out at city board meetings or join in protesting police violence against their parishioners, do a lot of shuckin' & jivin' with the feckless mayor and problematic police chief. They got an ear full at the most recent and probably the last one held in the Otter Creek Community church, just a short distance from the police chief's rental home. According to photos posted on LRPD's Facebook page,  the event drew a very small crowd. But that small crowd had quite a bit to say.   Chief Keef Humphrey was at the Otter Creek Community Church with LRPD Lt. Kendel Cole and banker Doris Gonzalez, who formerly worked for the city as a Community Resource Specialist. Laura Martin, the LR

LRPD 12th Street commander claims a small group of repeat offenders are responsible for homicides in the city

On April 14th at the LRPD 12th Street quarterly meeting, Major Andre Dyer said that the violent crimes in his division were up 41% from the same period in 2021. He reported that homicides in 2022 had increased too and commented that "looks kinda bad... never seen it the way it is right now." In addressing the increase in homicides, Dyer said, "there are a handful of repeat offenders causing problems, especially when it comes to homicides, and the department is focusing on bringing them in". Last April LRPD warned the public of a serial killer, the Little Rock Slasher,  on the loose in the safe city of Little Rock.   They have not wanted to answer any questions or provide any information about the Little Rock Slasher investigation. Now the public has to worry about about group of serial killers, the Little Rock Bangers, committing multiple homicides throughout the city. It is clear the city of Little Rock needs new leadership in city government and at LRPD.

Arkansas Ethics Commission begins investigation of First Community Bank and 25 LRPD cops for violations of the Gift Prohibition Statute

26 LRPD cops broke the law accepting an illegal monetary gift   On March 22nd, we posted a story about First Community Bank handing out illegal gifts to 26 LRPD cops. Yesterday the Arkansas Ethics Commission notified our own Russ Racop that they had accepted his complaint and were beginning an investigation.  Here are all 52 pages that Racop received. The normal procedure is that after the investigation is completed, the Commission will make a settlement offer. That is where the bank official and the cops admit and agree they violated the law. They could also be fined. The Commission said they could not move forward on the complaint about the undercover cop as they require a name to began an investigation. Racop responded by offering a bit of advice on how to include the undercover cop.  The problematic LRPD chief refused to open an investigation as he said it was not a violation of the law. What will he do when his own employees admit or are found by the Commission to have violated

Arkansas Ethics Commission finds that two attorneys with the Wright Lindsey Jennings law firm violated Arkansas laws in the campaign for a Little Rock city board seat

Attorneys Atwan Phillips and Adrienne Lee Baker get an "F" in campaign finance laws The Arkansas Ethics Commission found that two attorneys with the Wright Lindsey Jennings law firm, Atwan Phillips and Adrienne Lee Baker, violated Arkansas laws in the campaign of Phillips for a Little Rock city board at-large seat. Both Phillips and  Baker signed consent orders admitting numerous violations of Arkansas laws concerning campaign finance actives. They were also ordered to pay minuscule fines. Apparently neither lawyer bothered to read up on the Arkansas laws regarding campaign finance activity or felt that the laws did not apply to them. Either way it reflects poorly on the law firm that pays both of them a very large salary. The complaint was made by our own Russ Racop. You can read about the complaint by clicking here . Baker was the treasurer for  the exploratory committee, Friends of Antwan Phillips or FAP.  FAP was chaired by Virgil Miller, who was appointed by Phillips and

LRPD undercover cops placed on leave this week for questionable actions are identifed as Jason Knowles and Christoval Hernandez

  Records obtained in a fierce FOI battle today have identified the two "undercover LRPD cops that were suspended this week. Incident #1 LRPD cop Knowles and Bauxite, AR resident was off-duty on March 30th and as yet to be explained, ended up on Hogue Road some 12.5 miles from his residence and ended up shooting at a man running from a Saline County Sheriff's deputy. Here is the press release from the SCSO.   This is the Saline Sheriff's Office incident report. Notice that there is no mention of anyone shooting at the man arrested.   Knowles was hired by LRPD, the first time, in April of 1993. His personnel file (one that we sued the LR Mayor and Police Chief to obtain in 2020) reveals five references to internal investigations in 1996 and 1997. Knowles resigned from LRPD in 2001. He was rehired in 2006. In 2009, Knowles was suspended for thirty days for being intoxicated at work. He wrecked his police cruiser and was found to be drunk as a skunk. If things go as normal at