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Pulaski County Detention Deputy Shante Holloway arrested for Domestic Battery

PCSO Detention Deputy Shante Holloway's UAMS PD mugshot The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office issued a press release about the arrest of one of their Detention Deputies, Shante Holloway, this afternoon. The proactive release of information is the policy of the department, according to a spokesman for the department.   LRPD could learn something from the Sheriff's Department. ### We found some interesting photos on her Facebook page.    

Another fired LRPD cop gets his job back - City leadship trys to hide another failure

 LRPD cop Drew Talbert get his job back but is still a liar and lacks credibility Little Rock city leadership does not want you to know they lost another court battle dealing with the termination of a corrupt LRPD officer. Thanks to highly placed sources in LRPD administration, the news was leaked to us last week and we can provide the transparency the city far too often lacks. On July 2018 mercenary LRPD cop Drew Allen Word Talbert was found to have lied in a report and to superior officers about a DWI traffic stop he made. He was investigated and subsequently fired for violating departmental policy that required LRPD personnel to be honest and tell the truth. Talbert appealed his termination to the LR Civil Service Commission.   A transcript of the proceedings details the episode where Talbert was caught being untruthful, or lying.    The LR Civil Service Commission voted to uphold the termination. They had to, Talberts untruthfulness was supported by a preponderance of overwhelming