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Jonathan Walker, a LRPD Officer suspended for domestic violence, is outed as a stalker

  Where do you go for help when the people who are meant to keep you safe are the real danger? Our last post was about two LRPD officers recently involved in domestic violence incidents. One of those domestic abusers was Jonathan Walker. We were contacted by a female that was stalked by Walker after he responded to a call to her residence when a now former boyfriend abused her. She later received a message from him on Instagram from him. Walker claimed they "matched" on a dating site. We asked for a copy of the MVR footage from the incident.  LRPD responded that it was no longer available. That's a shame as cops often forget that they are being recorded and make some interesting comments. Perhaps Walker made comments to other officers about the female he subsequently stalked.  We will never know. And LRPD might let him resign to keep investigative files from becoming releasable public records. You might recall our post back in May 2018 about another creepy LRPD officer

Another Little Rock Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

Little Rock Police officer Muhammad Yaqeen was arrested by his fellow employees for yet another incident of domestic violence involving a LRPD officer. LRPD Officer Muhammed Yaqeen The arrest/disposition report states that Yaqueen punched his wife during an argument and that LRPD officers observed injuries to her face and arms. According to LRPD spokesman Eric Barnes, LRPD responded around 11:30 p.m. Monday December 23rd to a report of an assault/domestic disturbance. Tiffany Yaqueen told officers she and her husband got into an argument, so she went outside to get in her car to leave. Yaqueen followed, Mrs. Yaqueen told police, and while he was standing outside the car, he dropped his phone. She said she tried to pick it up and Muhammad began “struggling” to take it back, according to the report. She said he then punched her in the side of the head. Officers observed blood on her left ear and swelling under her left eye. Muhammad Yaqeen told officers a different explanation of what ha

Arkansas State Police Trooper uses police resources to stalk a woman then is allowed to resign to keep records from public

ASP Trooper Mark Holland's before and after photos The Arkansas State Police ("ASP") allowed one of their Troopers suspected of committing several criminal acts to resign, which shields their internal investigative files from public disclosure. The Trooper, Mark Eugene Holland (54, of Heber Springs), was arrested on December 18th and was subsequently released after posting a $5,000 bond. The ASP learned of Holland's criminal activity on December 13th when the victim filed a complaint with the independence County Sheriff's Office. According to court records Trooper Holland had been harassing a female since January 2016 and had used law enforcement resources to track and stalk her. The records reveal that Holland was infatuated with the female, who had worked at a gas station owned by his family. Holland became irritated that the female did not respond to emails that he sent to her requesting photos and soliciting sex. Holland used suggestive email addresses like &q

Little Rock's 44th homicide of 2019 was a secret - until we found out

On November 20, 2019 at approximately 11:52 pm, Arkansas State Trooper Michael Kyle Ellison (26, Benton, AR) committed the 44th homicide of the year in the city of Little Rock. Trooper Michael Kyle Ellison has record of committing two homicides He killed Brian Brooks, (22, Little Rock, AR) by ramming his 2015 Honda Civic in a PIT maneuver, catapulting Brooks' vehicle off the road into a ditch striking a tree. Brian Brooks - Little Rock's 44th homicide victim of 2019 The incident with Brooks started in Sherwood when Sherwood police attempted to stop Brooks for an alleged traffic violation. Sherwood police alleged Brooks refused to pull over and gave chase. Brooks allegedly fled from Sherwood to Little Rock where Ellison joined in the chase. You already know how the chase ended. It was a secret until we found out about it.  The Arkansas State Police, the Little Rock Police Department and the City of Little Rock wanted to sweep it under the rug.  44 homicides makes Little Rock loo