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Eudora police chief arrested and charged with kidnapping

Eudora Police Chief Michael Pitts   The Arkansas State Police sent out a press release this afternoon that stated they had arrested the Eudora Police Chief on a kidnapping charge. Kidnapping is a Class B Felony.  For a Class B felony, the sentence shall be not less than five years nor more than twenty years and a fine not to exceed $15,000.00. On October 26, 2023, Pitts responded to a disturbance call at Scott's Gas Station. Pitts detained John Hill, Jr., a/k/a "Situation",  and drove him out of town to County Road 86 while telling him he was going to "beat his ass".   Upon arrival at  County Road 86, Pitts took Hill out of his patrol vehicle and in fact "beat his ass". Hill sustained significant injuries to his face and head. Pitts drove off leaving the injured Hill stranded on County Road 86. Arkansas State Police investigators were originally skeptical of Hill's story. Hill told them that he had concealed a crack pipe in his hand and when Pitts

What the Barber of Little Rock documentary didn't reveal and Arlo Washington doesn't want you to know

The Barber of Little Rock is a short film on YouTube by the New Yorker magazine that has been nominated for an Academy Award. Contrary to what many local media outlets have claimed it is not an Arkansas documentary nor were the filmmakers from Arkansas.  It has been reported that filmmakers spent a year in the safe city of Little Rock and shot over 400 hours of video but the finished product runs about 34 minutes. Additionally it is often reported that he has a bank. He actually has a credit union which is an entirely different, and he cannot use "bank" in signage and advertisements in regard to his credit union. Perhaps some of the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor was Washington getting served notice that his home had been deeded to the state for non payment of taxes. Washington also failed to pay property owners association fees when due and got a lien filed against that same home the state took for non payment of taxes.       Records on file at the Pulaski

Something stinks in Pine Bluff and it's not the paper mill

  According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department two campus cops from Southeast Arkansas College (the former vo-tech turned 2 year community college) assisted JCSO Captain Yohance Brunson in the capture of escapee Noah Roush. The two SEARK campus cops were identified as Captain Brad Vilches and Officer Aaron Torres. According to a recorded interview with SEARK Police Chief Richard Wegner, his two cops abandoned their post on campus and joined the manhunt without permission.  Rouch and fellow inmate Jatonia Bryant escaped from the Dub Brassell Adult Detention Center sometime on January 20th but the JCSO did not know they were gone for two days.   The problem with this is that there is a photo that has emerged that shows two Black men holding onto the one of the escaped inmates and neither of them are in uniform or are the two SEARK campus cops that have claimed credit for the capture. And no cops appear to be in sight. According to our sources the two Black men are not law e

England High School teacher caught having sex with a 18 year old former student in a car in a park

England High teacher Courtani Bell and former student Kaylin Sullivan   On Monday January 8, 2024 at around 6 p.m., an England, AR cop caught Courtani Bell (W/F 29) a teacher at England High School engaged in "public sexual indecency" in the back seat of Bell's car in a public park with a former student, Kaylin Sullivan (B/F 18).   Here's the police report.   The court date for the randy pair is set for February 22nd in England District Court. Bell is married (for the time being as a source says he's left her) and lives in Sheridan with her hubby Layton. Bell's cuckholded hubby works at the Sheridan Police Department as a cop.   Sullivan, will turn 19 in February 2024.   There are questions surrounding the commencement of their relationship and did it began when  Sullivan was a student? We reached out to the England School District for a comment. No response was received. ### Here's the police body camera footage of the arrest. Here's a shorter version