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MEMS internal reports contradict the LRPD incident report concerning the death of a MEMS worker during the Little Rock marathon

  Records obtained from the city of Little Rock via a FOI request contradict a LRPD incident report concerning an accident during the Little Rock Marathon that led to the death of a MEMS employee. The LRPD incident report stated that MEMS employee S. Dean Douglas, II  was traveling alongside a utility vehicle on a bicycle Nov. 21 when he was pulled under the vehicle. According to internal MEMS documents, Douglas was on a bicycle and was holding on to a MEMS off-road type vehicle that was heading to assist an injured runner. Reports from the two MEMS employees in the vehicle indicate that Douglas was holding onto the vehicle while riding on his bicycle.   The supervisors investigation report states that the employees were "unaware if he was actually holding on to the rail of the huskey @ that time". No doubt MEMS will issue a written policy about holding onto a moving vehicle like this to prevent such incidents.  According to a MEMS Facebook post, Douglas is the first MEMS

ARDOT has a bill for LRPD cop Michael Ford for damages caused when he crashed his vehicle into a median while driving under the influence

ARDOT's cost to repair the guardrail   Damage caused by intoxicated LRPD cop Michel "Lil Bang" Ford crashing his vehicle into a wire guardrail in the median of I-430 North on December 3rd cost the state over $2,000.00 to repair. No mugshot was taken when Ford was arrested by ASP and taken to their HQ - was he giving special treatment as a "brother in blue"?   ARDOT has not confirmed that they are sending the bill to Ford or will seek a civil judgment to recoup the cost for repairing the damage.   Additionally, no word from LRPD about Ford remaining as head of the LRPD FOI Unit, or continuing to operated a leased unmarked vehicle the city has assigned to him. Usually, when a city employee has been involved in a DWI arrest, they lose the right to operate a city owned or leased vehicle for a set period of time. LRPD provided Ford a leased unmarked SUV like they do for their so called undercover cops. It cost taxpayers over $3,000 to provide Ford with a vehicle and

UPDATE - LRPD cop that heads their FOI unit wrecks car and is arrested for DWI

    In the early morning hours of December 3, 2021, LRPD cop Michael "Lil Bang" Ford, Jr. was involved in a single vehicle crash on I-430 North just past the Rodney Parham exit. When Arkansas State Police Troopers Andrew Stovall and Jerry Oglesby arrived at the scene, they found Ford's SUV lodged against the wire guardrail in the median. According to the incident report, Ford was trapped in the vehicle and was trying to open the door that was up against the wire guardrail.  One of the troopers found the rear hatch door of the SUV would open and after a bit of coaxing was able to get Ford to crawl out the back hatch. Ford had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and reeked of booze. Trooper Stovall did not place Ford at the front of his vehicle as is standard ASP procedure (you can check out videos we have on our YouTube channel of some DWI arrests of the Governor's Son, Asa III). Additionally, Ford was not taken to the Pulaski County Jail for booking (fingerprint and mugsh

LRSD School Board President breaks campaign finance laws and records indicate she does not reside in zone she was elected to represent

  LRSD School Board President Vicki Hatter by Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group Records obtained form the Pulaski County Assessor's Office indicate that Little Rock School District School Board President Vicki Hatter does not live in the zone she was elected to represent. In 2020, Hatter ran for the Zone 6 position and her campaign filings listed her mailing address of P.O. Box 55573, Little Rock, AR 72215.  That box is located at the U.S. Post Office on Kavanaugh in the Heights area of Little Rock. Her residence was listed as 7820 West Capitol Avenue, Apt 411, on her voter registration. If her voter registration was/is accurate, there is a post office much closer to that location (right around the corner on West Markham) than where that PO Box is located (Kavanaugh & Beechwood) Hatter's residence from Voter Registration and nearest Post Office Hatter's residence from Voter Registration & Post Office housing her PO Box We asked Hatter about her residence.  Se didn'

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy arrested and charged with stealing inmate information for identitiy fraud purposes

  Earlier today we broke this story about Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy Ollie Mills being fired and arrested for stealing information of nine inmates, including social security numbers , for the purpose of using that information in financial identity fraud. A press release was sent out at approximately 4:30pm today that detailed the incident.   Mills, 27, of Conway is being held in the Pulaski County jail without bond. Mills in her PCSO uniform at a happier time   Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Cody Burk said the department received a tip about Mills collecting nine inmate's names and social security numbers prior to the arrest. Mills had been employed at the detention facility less than a year, according to Burk, and she has been terminated from her employment at the sheriff's office. According to Mills' Facebook page, her prior job was a nurses aid at a Little Rock rehab center. Investigators have not been able to find fraudulent actions taken against

LRPD cop that heads their FOI unit wrecks car and is arrested for DWI

Lt. Michael "Lil Bang" Ford Lt. Michael "Lil Bang" Ford was arrested in the early hours of December 3, 2021 after the Arkansas State Police responded to a single vehicle accident on I-430 N near the Rodney Parham exit. Ford was arrested by troopers at 2:50 a.m. and transported to the Highway Patrol Division, Troop A, for processing of charges, according to information provided by the ASP. Ford faces charges of driving while intoxicated, refusal to submit to a chemical test, and careless and prohibited driving according to the citation. Ford has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, Sgt. Eric Barnes, a spokesperson for the Little Rock Police Department. Ford was previously under investigation after he was accused of firing a rifle into the air on New Year's Day in 2020.  We broke that story and you can read post by clicking here . You can read our post about the internal investigation of that incident by clicking