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The city of Little Rock has a questionable individual working in the comptroller's office. Apparently they don't do simple background checks.

Sandra Blade - Senior "Accountant" for the city of Little Rock   Sandra Blade, a top employee in the Comptroller's office for the city of Little Rock, has no qualifications to be called an accountant, nor does she hold any certifications that would permit her to use that title.   What she does have is a proven record that she is irresponsible in her own personal financial management and should not be employed by the city of Little Rock in any financial position. A lawsuit was filed against Blade in 2021 over $7,000 in unpaid credit card bills. She didn't not bother to respond and a default judgment was obtained by her creditor. As of this date she has not paid a dime of the default judgment.   Blade also refused to pay state taxes when due and the Department of Finance and Administration filed liens against her.   Blade also refused to pay the city of Little Rock the appropriate fees to operate a business in the city of Little Rock and went to court over that as well