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LRPD internal investigation opened for unreported use of force by LRPD cops working at Arkansas State Fair

  A video posted on FaceBoook of a fight at the Arkansas State Fair shows a Little Rock cop shoving two young men with such force they fall to the ground.   We sent an email to LRPD requesting copies of incident reports and use of force reports filed by LRPD cops regarding incidents during the fair.   LRPD responded. They claimed they had no reports (incident or use of force).   So they created an incident report that states an internal investigation was being opened.     Last week we won our fifth appeal of a Denial of Rights under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Scott Administration.     Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Fox found the Scott Administration violated to AFOIA by not providing us records we requested. One set of records was Use of Force reports. LRPD usually takes months to conduct internal investigations and often takes no or little action beside a slap on the wrist. Stay tuned for a follow-up post. ### One of the incident reports

Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police identifies and exposed all the LRPD undercover cops on their website

LRFOP  exposed all LRPD undercover cops in a spreadsheet they posted The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police posted a spreadsheet on their website of all LRFOP members that identified and exposed all LRPD cops that are reportedly working in an undercover capacity in the Special Investigations Division ("SID"). We found that publicly posted document while working on a complaint about four LRPD cops, all LRFOP board members, that appeared in a political campaign advertisement that endorsed a candidate for a state office in violation of LRPD Rules & Regulations. LRPD Rules & Regulations prohibit LRPD cops from doing that. The LRPD cops that run the LRFOP are poster children that exemplify that fact that you can be too smart to be a cop . Another "undercover" LRPD cop, Raymond Koonce, posts his contact information on Facebook and Twitter in posts objection to Little Rock business owner's application for an alcoholic beverage permit. When you call tha

LR Mayor caught breaking law by using city resources for campaign activites

In addition to his illegal actions involving transparency and the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (we have obtained four judgments against him for violations of the AFOIA), the feckless Little Rock mayor has violated the law by using city resources for his re-election campaign. Exhibit A.  On or about May 26, 2022, we discovered that Scott had directed city employees to add his personal Twitter feed to the city of LR homepage of the city website. It just so happened that our screenshot captured him illegally using city resources to advertise and promote his re-election campaign.   Shortly after we sent this email, the city removed the display of Scott's personal Twitter feed and replaced it with a display of the CLR Twitter feed.    Exhibit B. Leander Hampton called 311 asking for a Frank Scott campaign sign for his yard . Rather than saying “you’ll have to contact the campaign,” that request for a campaign sign was forwarded to his chief of staff Kendra Pruitt .     Matt Ca

Feckless LR mayor cancels LITfest

  Days after the city terminated it's contract with Think Rubix for LITfest the feckless Little Rock Mayor finally pulls the plug on the poorly planed and rushed festival.  Here's the press release that the city sent out this afternoon: It appears that the feckless mayor is trying to make the city attorney the fall guy and he says that is was a music festival. The city attorney had a quick reply that was first shared by the Arkansas Times .   Most of the advertised musical acts were already booked into local clubs long before LITfest was announced.  Ticket sales for the headliner with hits from two decades ago were embarrassingly small. And it turns out that Think Rubix had zero funds to pay for anything! Here's what Matt Campbell was able to get from LR city manager Bruce Moore:   The Arkansas Times reported statement from Think Rubix that they had not received any funds from the city (lie) nor from any sponsor. Any reasonable individual would wonder how Think Rubix would

City of Little Rock shitcans LITfest contract with shady organization Think Rubix

  Matt Campbell and his Blue Hog Report broke the news today that the  city of Little Rock has terminated its contract with Think Rubix, effective immediately, due to non-payment of funds to the city pursuant to the contract.     The contract termination comes after after several weeks of scrutiny by Campbell and other news media organizations.   The question is now, what happens to or with LITfest? If it goes on who will coordinate it? Perhaps this will be discussed at that board of directors meeting being held tonight instead of Tuesday. The mayor needs to fire his chief of staff Kendra Pruitt for her collusion and conspiratorial planning with Think Rubix to bypass the city board and keep them out of the loop. In case you missed it, here's that damming video that was deleted by a city FOI Unit employee and recoverd by city attorney Tom Carpenter.