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Bud grew up in Dumas, Ark.  At Dumas High School Bud was active in many organizations. Click to listen to the song I'm a Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas After graduating high school Bud went to LSU.  Then Bud went to law school at U.A.L.R. Bud’s favorite band is Tool. Bud also like Stuart Copeland (form. of The Police), Vic Firth and Beethoven. Bud’s favorite television shows are Star Trek and House. Bud’s favorite movie is The Watchmen. Bud’s favorite book is The Recruit by Cindy Grantham Brown (an Arkansan) Bud’s favorite restaurant is Twin Peaks Bar & Grill Bud collects yo-yo’s, unique weapons and likes to swap, trade and sell them. Bud likes the ladies. Bud likes to work from home. Bud once married an older lady.


Gary "Bud" Ray Roberts, the new head of the ABC On February 19, 2015, Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson announced that he had appointed a Benton attorney, Bud Roberts, to be the new director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division in the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Roberts is one of the founding partners of the Little Rock law firm where the governor’s  son,  W. Asa Hutchinson III,  is “of counsel” ¹. Gary ”Bud” Ray Roberts, founded the Roberts Law Firm, P.A, with his brother Michael “Mike” L. Roberts back in 1990. According to the firm’s web page: “Roberts Law Firm was founded in 1990 on the principle that business clients deserve powerful,   sophisticated representation that augments rather than depletes their bottom line. That standard guides the firm every day — with every client, from domestic corporate clients to those in EasterN  Europe, the Middle East and the Far East”. However, something happened in 2009 and Bud left the firm. What led to hi