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North Little Rock cop Samuel Montgomery does not see any problem with a racist cop - neither does NLRPD administration

 Russ Racop - June 24, 2021 NLR cop Sam Montgomery has the back of racist cops   Apparently NLRP cop Samuel Montgomery and the NLRPD has no problem working with or employing racist individuals. A complaint was recently made about an interaction a citizen had with Montgomery. During a conversation, Montgomery said that "there's nothing wrong with a racist being a cop". Based on the compliant an investigation was opened. Wow. We wish we could say we were surprised, but the klan is strong at most every law enfrocement agency. In fact, the FBI for the last decade has warned about that . Source:   Here is information about Montgomery.  

Court file reveals text message contact betweem Maumelle High School teacher Stephanie Almand and her student victim

Records obtained from the Little Rock District Criminal Court provide a glimpse into the relationship between Maumelle High School Teacher Stephanie Almand and her 17 year old student victim Hayden Brister. Court records revealed that the two began an intimate relationship in February 2021 which turned sexual in April 2021. Based on the LRPD report we believe that C1 and C2 are Brayden Yancey and Jerry Rudd. The records also detail search warrants for Almand's cellphone (which she disconnected or changed the number) and residence.  From the records it appears that Almand was getting rid of her dogs and some furniture. Perhaps the couch and pillows might have contained DNA of the victim.    Almand's Love Shack on Perry Street. Here are some other interesting bits of information that came out in the court files. Hayden Brister told detectives in an interview that Almand said she didn't like having relationships and sex with people her own age.

LRPD arrests and charges Stephanie Almand, a Pulaski County Special School District teacher, with felony sexual assault

Russ Racop - June 21, 2021     The Little Rock Police Department finally arrested and charged PCSSD teacher Stephanie Renee Almand with felony sexual assault stemming from a sexual relationship she had with a student at Maumelle High School. We broke the story about her in a post we made on May 8th (click here to view).  Almand was arrested and booked on June 11th and released after posting a $50,000 bond. Almand was in court at the Little Rock District Court today and appeared before District Court Judge Melanie Martin.   Judge Martin is not in favor of transparency and will likely seal the records for 120 days.  Remember that when her term comes up for re-election. Almand has a review hearing set for August 10th at 9:00 a.m. Why the case has not been transferred to Circuit Court to go before a real judge is something we should all be concerned about. Stay tuned for updates. ***UPDATE - 06/22/21***  LRPD sent us their incident report. They redacted the victims name, however we know

LRPD cop going door to door to get pledges to stop violence has history of domestic abuse

by Russ Racop       LRPD cop Brandon Middleton was featured in a recent story on a local television station about LRPD's newest public relations gimmick, "Operation Ceasefire".       What most don't know is that Middleton has a history of domestic violence and other troubling behavior, including showing up drunk for work and being a documented liar.     We had long complained about all the LRPD cops branded liars by LRPD that remain on the public payroll and the problem that creates as they are Brady Cops . You can check out the LRPD Liars List by clicking here .   It is ironic that Middleton is schlepping around trying to get folks to sign a pledge to stop violence given his background. Wonder if he gives a testimonial to folks about his own personal experiences with violence?   His estranged wife, we say that as they are in the process of divorcing, called 911 on June 6, 2019 to report Officer Middleton battering her.       As a result of the incident an internal i

Complete list of Homicide/Killings that have occurred to date in 2021

Here are the LRPD reports.   We have some reports from the Pulaski County Coroner and will post them when the forward the remaining ones. 

LRPD identifies a confidential informant and provides Social Security Numbers of a witness and some LRPD cops in a response to a Freedom of Information request

by Russ Racop Lt. Michael "Lil' Bang" Ford, Jr. - Supervisor of the LRPD FOI Unit   In a response to a Freedom of Information request we made to the Little Rock Police Department for a Internal Affairs investigation file, the LRPD FOI Unit not only failed to protect the identity of a Confidential Informant ("CI"), they provided the Social Security Numbers of a witness, a former LRPD cop and two current LRPD cops. The Arkansas Attorney General has long opined that the personally identifiable information LRPD released to us is in fact exempt from release.   So when we found that the Internal Affairs Investigation file we requested revealed the identity of a confidential information that had worked with LRPD and the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office we were shocked.   One of the documents listed the Social Security Number of a witness.  NOTE: We placed a green rectangle over the Driver's License number and SSN of the witness. On the document LRPD provided