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LRPD desperate to improve image makes a staged social media post trying to pass off a convicted felony as a participant in the OK Program

Russ Racop - January 24, 2021 On or about November 17, 2020 LRPD posted this on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. The problem with this post about Owen having been in the OK Program is that he never was and is in fact a convicted felon. The man pictured in the fake post is Owen Chandler Blake, a twenty-three year old man that was never a participant in the OK Program according to sources in the OK Program of Little Rock.   Blake was arrested and charged with residential burglary (felony) and criminal mischief back in September 2019. Blake accepted a negotiated guilty plea and was placed on probation.   Blake was given the mask by a former LRPD officer that was involved in the OK Program. Blake has a younger brother that did participate in the program and that is his only connection to it. Having or wearing an OK Program mask does not signify involvement with the program.    We attempted to find out how LRPD came in possession of the photos or who removed it but the city and LRPD ignor

LRPD mouthpiece appears to have problems with paternity lawsuits - Does all his paycheck go to OCSE?

Does Mark Nelson, a/k/a, Mark Edwards hold the city record for paternity judgments? Russ Racop - January 24, 2021 Court records reveal that Mark Christopher Nelson, who uses the alias Mark Edwards, Kris Jordan and Marky Mark, appears to hold the record for the Little Rock City employee with the most paternity judgements. We found court filings here in Pulaski County that has Marky Mark being named as the father in five (5) cases. No telling how many others there might be in other states. Here they are in chronological order:  Case #1 (2001) - Male child born in 1994.   In this case we discovered that Nelson/Edwards has yet another alias, KRIS JORDAN. Case #2 (2009) -  Female child born in 1996.   Case #3 (2012) - Female born in 2012.   Case #4 (2012) - Male child born in 2007.   Case #5 (2018) Female born in 2006.   In Case #5, you see that the OCSE wanted Nelson/Edwards jailed for non-payment of support and he has to appear in court on February 8, 2021 to show cause why he should not

LRPD Chief to speak at illegal venue on MLK Day

Iniquitous LRPD chief does not believe court orders, regulations, rules or laws apply to him   Russ Racop -01/18/2021   The LRPD chief is scheduled to appear and address an invitation only crowd at Nourish Wellness at 9015 Kanis Road (the old LRFD fire station). This business is not zoned as an event center and such an event violates city of Little Rock Ordinances.   To hold events such as the one set for today, a Condition Use Permit application would have to be filed with Little Rock Planning and the application would have to be approved by the LR Planning Commission and then by the LR Board of Directors.     No such application for a zoning change has been made the LR Planning Department apprised us last week. Additionally the Arkansas Department of Health requires such events to be approved by them due to the medical pandemic.   The city business license for Nourish Wellness is in the name of Autumn Causey.   According to court records, Causey also uses the names Autumn Garcia.