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MHA/Housing Authority of Little Rock board chairman releases document regarding the termination of executive director

Kenyon K. Lowe, Sr. - MHA Board Chairman On August 25th we sent a Freedom of Information request to the Little Rock Housing Authority d/b/a the Metropolitan Housing Alliance for all records regarding the termination of their executive director. In a response to that request their board chairman Kenyon K. Lowe, Sr. sent this this morning.   If this is all the records they have, perhaps the LR mayor and city board of directors need to replace Lowe and the rest of that sketchy housing authority board. We fired off another FOI request on August 26th. We have received nothing in regard to the 2nd request. Initially Lowe flat out told us he was barred from releasing any records regarding the firing of their executive director because she could appeal her termination. We fired off a quick email letting him know he was full of shit. Lowe and his agency have a documented history of failing to comply with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. In fact, a former executive director had criminal

Lonoke County Sheriff's Office files charges against a female detention employee

We were tipped off that a female Lonoke County Detention Deputy or employee was arrested earlier this week for sexually assaulting multiple female inmates and providing contraband items such as cellphones and drugs to inmates.  To hide the arrest from online exposure (LCSO arrests and booking are posted online) the Sheriff had the city police do it. We called the Lonoke police department and the cop that we spoke with stated he was not authorized to release her name. He said we would have to get that from the chief. To cut to the chase, we sent the Lonoke Police chief, Matt Edwards,  a FOI request via a text message to his cellphone.    This is an image of the full FOI request.     Why is the Lonoke Police Department unwilling to provide the name of the individual or immediately provide the booking records and mugshot? It's all public information. We suspect the Lonoke Police Chief won't be happy about the next several FOI requests we have planned to send. Stay tuned for update

Court records reveal additional felony sexual assault charges filed against PCSSD teacher Stephanie Almand - The victim was under 14 years of age

  We previously reported about Pulaski County Special School District teacher Stephanie Almand being arrested and charged with felony sexual assault charges in connection with a 17 year old male student at Maumelle High School. You can read those stories by clicking here , here and here . Now two additional sexual assault charges have been file against her, this time the victim was under the age of 14 at the time of the sexual assault.  Administrative Order No. 5 specifically deals with victims under age fourteen.   We have request records for LRPD and the Pulaski County Circuit Clerk and will updated this story as the records are received. A former co-worker of Almand's at eStem sent us an email about some "fishy behavior" involving Almand when she worked at that school in the 2019-2020 school year.   From Almand's PCSSD employment application Could the latest charges involve an eStem student? Stay tuned. ***UPDATE- 8/17/21  12:02PM*** According to the PCSSD mouthpi

FBI Public Corruption Unit seeks our cooperation in investigation of the Little Rock Mayor and Police Chief

by Russ Racop On Tuesday, August 10, 2021 I received a call from a special agent with the Little Rock field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Public Corruption Unit. The individual that called refused to provide his name, and I assumed it was a scam call like one about your Social Security number being disabled or the last call about your car warranty expiring. The man said "we think you have some information that can help us on one of our cases."   I told him to call an attorney friend of mine and try to schedule the meeting. I gave them the number of fellow blogger and attorney Matt Campbell. Matt publishes Blue Hog Report and we often collaborate to expose shady public officials and government corruption. I called Matt and gave him a heads up. Some time later Matt sent me a text. I wanted Matt along to be a witness as I felt certain I would not be permitted to record the meeting. Many of you know before I became an investigative journalist and blogger,

Little Rock fireman fired for spanking another fireman - fetish or fun?

 by Russ Racop According to records filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court, Bradley "da Whipper" Tubbs was fired from his position as an engineer with the Little Rock Fire Department on October 16, 2020 after an internal investigation found he spanked firefighter Jason Fuller three times on the buttocks with a leather belt on June 25, 2020 at fire Station #21. The termination letter given to Tubbs cited departmental violation of harassment and bullying.   Records from administrative procedures revealed that it was not the first time Tubbs had been involved in spanking incidents.   Fuller appears to have been the victim of previous episodes of harassment from his fellow firemen. In one instance he was tickled by his firehouse buddies to the point he shit his pants. The stuff you can read in the full investigative file is incredible. It appears that LRFD like LRPD is comprised of outsiders being employed by the city.  Tubbs is being represented by former Little Rock mayor Mark

Records reveal that LRPD has subscribed to and utilized a cloud based document storage system for the past 17 years - A system that could be used to easily provide FOI responses to citizens

Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group   For the past 17 years LRPD has subscribed to and utilized a cloud based document storage system.  This cloud based document system could have and can be used to share records with the public, records like those we frequently request from LRPD under the Arkansas Freedom of Freedom of Information Act.  For some time now we at Snarky Media Group ( Ean Lee Bordeaux and myself) along with attorney and fellow blogger Matt Campbell   have led the battle to force the city of Little Rock and the Little Rock Police Department to comply with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act 9"AFOIA") and provide requested public records. More often than not they do not want to comply and we have to file lawsuits to force them to provide the requested public records.  For example, in 2018 we had to sue the city and LRPD to force them to comply with the AFOIA and provide  photographs of all uniformed and plain clothed non under cover cops.  That same year we had to