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JAY C. RIDER Jay Carl Rider is 65 years old and has been employed as an ABC Enforcement Agent since September 2003. Rider lives in Hackett. Rider began his career in law enforcement way back in 1975 as a patrolman with the Fort Smith Police Department and retired as head of their major crime unit in 2002 to become the chief of the Barling Police Department. Rider gained notoriety back in 2005 when the Federal Bureau of Investigation accused him of being the trigger man in the murder of Lori Murchison in 1995.  In September 1995, Murchison and her boyfriend had been jailed on a charge of public intoxication in Fort Smith. When Murchison was released from jail, she told jailers that she intended to go pick up her paycheck, cash it and then return to bail out her boyfriend.  She never made it back.  The last time anyone saw her alive was when she went to the office at the Continental Motel to pick up a key to a room she and her boyfriend had there.  Murchison is still listed as missing o


In an ABC Administrative Hearing back in 2013, an ABC Enforcement Agent testified that the ABC used Google Earth to measure distances. The agent stated that they do not have any tools to assist them in performing their duties... Never mind that Google Earth and Maps are known to be inaccurate. GPS FORUM DISCUSSION ABOUT GOOGLE ACCURACY Google even has a disclaimer about their measurement tool. Even ABC Board members questioned the use of Google to measure distances... CLICK TO VIEW ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT  (This matter is still being litigated) Measurements are critical in the issuance of a permit to sell alcohol.  Incorrect measurements could have an adverse impact on the citizens of Arkansas. Perhaps if the ABC was better managed and did not make unwise and imprudent budgetary decisions (like the re-purchase of that Dodge vehicle mentioned in an earlier post - April 22, 2015) they could provide tools to their employees to assist them in the performance of their duties.


Fuller now goes in front of the ABC Board, using his experience to get the booze flowing. CLICK FOR RON'S WEBSITE Ron Fuller served on the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for over 16 years.  For 12 of those years he was chairman.  Fuller resigned from the ABC board June 1, 2013.  As chairman, Fuller was officious, imperious, overbearing and downright comical. Fuller's antics on the board are well documented. CLICK TO READ ABOUT RON'S SHENANIGANS Fuller, who is a Republican, also served in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Fuller was a player with other republican thugs that tried to take down Bill Clinton.  According to a sworn statement made by Gennifer Flowers, Fuller offered her fifty thousand dollars and a job in California to make unfavorable comments about Clinton. Fuller was  socially  connected to Flowers and she was involved with Fuller's failed state senate campaign. CLICK TO READ TRANSCRIPT OF FLOWERS' DEPOSITION In The Hunting of the Presi


KAREN BLAGG (ON RIGHT) AND FRIEND Karen Blagg lives in Bryant, and has been employed at the ABC as a legal support specialist since 1984.  Karen was born on October 25, 1946 and at 68 years of age is the oldest person working at the ABC! Karen went to Arkansas High School in Texarkana way back in the 60's.  Arkansas High did not have a black student graduate until 1968. That was  also the first year that a black student was on the football or basketball team. If you think that is impossible, just take a look at the Arkansas High yearbooks. CLICK TO VIEW ARKANSAS HIGH YEARBOOKS . Maybe that explains why Karen holds some of the beliefs and opinions she often expresses on Facebook... Karen also posts a lot about other people being ignorant and stupid... she even thinks her co-workers fall in that category... Karen is also a little passive-aggressive... Karen may have some other issues too... Karen also believes in a good old fashioned ass whooping for children...  Karen might also hav