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Little Rock School District teacher threatened to pull out students braids according to a police report

  Little Rock School District teacher Renarda Kendrick According to a Little Rock Police Department incident report on March 16, 2020 LRSD teacher Renarda Kendrick got into a confrontation with an eleven year old female student and had to be restrained by other staff members.  Kendrick was observed by a witness,  Jeff Hood, charging at the student yelling "I'm going to rip those fucking braids out of your head".   Hood told reporters when he saw Kendrick go for the child and he heard her scream "I'm going to rip your fucking braids out... I knew I could not let this go". Witness Jeff Hood felt compelled to get involved The father of the child, Stan Lacefield told reporters that that he is frustrated with the school district in that the teacher was not immediately pulled from the school after the incident, but was allowed to work the rest of the week before going on spring break. Lacefield spoke with the principal and told her he was not comfortable with the

26 LRPD cops violate Arkansas law by accepting illegal gifts from First Community Bank

Monetary gifts such as this are prohibited by Arkansas law Twenty-six Little Rock cops, including one unidentified undercover cop, violated Arkansas Code Annotated § 21-8-801 (a) by accepting a check for $10 8 for doing what they are paid to do. First Community Bank Little Rock Area President Rene Julian violated Arkansas Code Annotated § 21-8-801 (b) by making the illegal gifts. This is a list of the scofflaw cops:   Our publisher filed a complaint with the Arkansas Ethic Commission.   He also filed a complaint with the Little Rock Police Internal Affairs Unit. LRPD also has a policy about accepting such gifts. The bank gave out $108 because it represents the 10-8 police code for being in service. Arkansas laws prohibit gifts valued over $100.00. Did the bank give out these illegal gifts to try and influence the cops to work on cases that involved the bank or to open an account with them? Stay tuned for updates.

Burglars make off with liquor, PlayStations, boots and more from a makeshift LRPD property storage facility.

LRPD Cop Matthew Smith made the discovery of the break-in   On March 14th at approximately 10:42 AM, LRPD cop Matthew Smith was making a scheduled property check of the LRPD Hanger building at 11400 Ironton Cut-Off Road.  Upon arriving at the front gate a little ways off the road, he found that a portion of the chain link fence was cut away and pulled aside. A check of the buildings revealed a large hole had been cut into the exterior of one of the buildings and that property stored inside had been taken.   The burglars made off with a good amount of property being stored as evidence. Lots of booze, boots and PlayStation video game consoles. That city owned area is mostly used by LR Public Works for sanitation related purposes. That is where LRPD once kept a helicopter, before they crashed it back in 2018. KARK/Fox16 reporter Mitch McCoy got a surprised reaction from the mayor when he asked him about an update on the burglary. Newly appointed Assistant Chief Heath Helton was motion at

LRPD reports incorrect number of killings/ homicides that have occurred so far in 2022

The LRPD chief giving false information to make the city appear safer The Little Rock Police Department never accurately reports the all of the killings/homicides that occur in the city. They say they only report the ones that the FBI requires them to report. At at press conference yesterday, the problematic police chief claimed that 14 homicides had occurred so far this year. He left out two, both of which were the result of being killed by a vehicle. Snarky Media collects records from LRPD and the Pulaski County Coroner to keep track of all killing in the city. The February 12th killing of Angela Ingle is not included in the LRPD numbers even though they are actively seeking her killer to be charged with her death. Similarly, the death of Jeremy McCool on March 13th is not included even though he was killed as a result of a car race gone bad on I-30 near 65th Street here in Little Rock. McCool and his wife were struck by one of two cars racing on I-30. The LRPD chief and his boss, th