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Where do LRPD take-home vehicles go? Episode 53: Officer Ashley Duncan-Harris

Officer Ashley Duncan-Harris drives an unmarked vehicle to her home in Saline County LRPD Officer Ashley Nicole Duncan-Harris - Another Mercenary Officer In 2018 we spent $1,611.06 on fuel for Duncan-Harris' take-home vehicle. In 2017 we spent $1,291.99 on fuel for Duncan-Harris' take-home vehicle. LRPD and the city of Little Rock refused to provide us information regarding the city where the take-home cars go. So much for being transparent and open. They provided it last year and you can read our post about that by clicking here . Since they refuse to provide the information (the take home city is what we requested), we will post where these vehicles are actually going (their address which was not requested and is exempt under the AFOIA) and how much we pay for the fuel to provide transportation for these officers to drive to and from their homes each day. More than half of all LRPD officers refuse to live in the city of Little Rock and be a true part of our communit