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LRPD records show police chief barely passed firearm qualifications

  LRPD records revel Chief Keef can't shoot for shit   Unredacted records provided by the crackerjack LRPD FOI Unit reveal what the shooting incident involving the LRPD chief on New Years Eve proved, the problematic LRPD chief can barely hit the side of a barn with his handgun. As the LRPD records show, Chief Keef just sneaked by with a score of 82% to pass.  A minimum score of 80% is required by certified LRPD cops to show proficiency and qualify each year. On December 31, 2021,  the LRPD chief was patrolling the city, due to a police officer shortage, and rolled up on a fight at the Superstop on Asher Avenue. As Chief Keef, or Swaggy K as he refers to himself ¹, pulled along side a white Dodge vehicle, jump out with his gat in his hand and fired off round without any warning. Chief Keef was shooting at a woman firing a weapons just a few feet from his vehicle. LRPD chief's SUV directly in front of shooting suspect Taz Hayes Here are a couple of videos of the chief getting out

Records reveal that LRPD has subscribed to and utilized a cloud based document storage system for the past 17 years - A system that could be used to easily provide FOI responses to citizens

    For the past 17 years LRPD has subscribed to and utilized a cloud based document storage system.  This cloud based document system could have and can be used to share records with the public, records like those we frequently request from LRPD under the Arkansas Freedom of Freedom of Information Act.  For some time now we at Snarky Media Group ( Ean Lee Bordeaux and myself) along with attorney and fellow blogger Matt Campbell   have led the battle to force the city of Little Rock and the Little Rock Police Department to comply with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act 9"AFOIA") and provide requested public records. More often than not they do not want to comply and we have to file lawsuits to force them to provide the requested public records.  For example, in 2018 we had to sue the city and LRPD to force them to comply with the AFOIA and provide  photographs of all uniformed and plain clothed non under cover cops.  That same year we had to sue them again to force them

LR Mayor welcomes bank with shady past and present to the city

The feckless LR mayor welcomed with open arms a bank that collaborated and supported the Third Reich and has been fined billions of dollars in fines and settlements. Chase bank has also supported dictatorships in Cuba,  Sudan, Liberia and Iran.  

Little Rock Mayor lies about membership of the Committee to Rebuild the Rock On July 23rd, a local paper ran a story about the "Rebuild the Rock" sales tax initiative and quoted the feckless Little Rock mayor about members of the group pushing the tax and funding efforts to promote it. The mayor told the paper that there were five members of that group. That was a lie. There are actually six members listed on the required form submitted to the Arkansas Ethics Commission, and the mayor is the sixth member. Why would he lie about something like that?  Perhaps it's a conflict of interest and possibly illegal. You can see that a flyer the group has mailed out looks exactly like the city of Little Rock's own web page.  You will notice that the URL for the group is listed as They have to use that URL because WE own the domains named RebuildTheRock . Check it out: RebuildTheRock     The use of the phrase RebuildTheRock is problematic for several reasons (more on that in another post) as the city u