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Little Rock Mayor caught using city resources for his re-election campaign in violation of state laws

Using the city website to feature Scott's personal social media feeds and posts about his re-election campaign is illegal   Last week we noticed that the feckless Little Rock mayor was using the city website to display his personal Facebook and Tweeter feeds that displayed posts about his re-election campaign.  A clear violation of Arkansas Code Annotated §7-1-103.  So our Russ Racop fired off an email about the illegal activity.  We checked out the city web page today and found that they had removed the feckless mayor's social media feeds and replaced them with the city social media feeds. A little to late to stop another complaint being filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Apparently transparency laws are not the only ones the feckless mayor like to break. Stay tuned, more on this to come in another post.

LRPD chief forced into "retirement" - Did the on-going City of Little Rock Human Resources Department investigation into misconduct play a factor?

At approximately 4:54 p.m., one of our trusted sources told us that the LRPD chief was going to quit and it would be announced within the hour.  We immediately posted this on Twitter while still on the phone with our trusted source: Six minutes later Mitch McCoy with KARK/Fox16 tweeted this:   At 5:15 p.m., approximately 20 minutes after our tweet, the city sent out this email announcing the "retirement" of SwaggyK:     Approximately 16 minutes after our tweet, the feckless mayor tweeted this: The problematic soon to be ex-chief submitted possibly the most unusually resignation memorandum we have ever seen. It's like a kid trying to convince his parents he should be their favorite child. We won't get into all the details at this juncture,  but 99% of the memorandum is as exaggerated as the accomplishments of the Trump presidency. Pure mouth flatulence. What we do know is for the last six months we have been providing the city of Little Rock Human Resources Department

Weekend Update - May 1, 2022