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LRPD cops that killed a mentally afflicted man are sketchy characters

During the early morning hours of January 26, 2023 two mercenary Little Rock cops, Scott Carson Hampton (age 44) of North Little Rock and Larry Jack Mears, Jr. (age 35) of Benton, responded to an "assist medical" call at 2106 W. 18th Street at 1:23 a.m.   According to a press release from LRPD, as these mercenary cops were on their way to the residence to assist MEMS, they were advised that during the 911 call the caller stated that an individual at the residence was potentially suicidal. Upon arrival, the cops were greeted outside the home by a white female who was bleeding from the mouth. The female also advised her boyfriend, later identified as 31-year-old white male Elbert R. Miller, was inside the home and that he was in possession of weapons.  The cops approached the home and noticed the door was open and while standing on the porch they identified Miller through a window.  The cops made several attempts to speak with Miller as they stood outside, but he refused.

Conway cop files discrimination lawsuit against city of Conway and police chief

  Conway cop Brittany Byrd alleges gender and racial discrimination The city of Conway has recently been in the news for on-going problems at the school district. A recently filed federal lawsuit is exposing problems at the Conway Police Department. The complaint details sketchy and illegal behavior from the Chief on down and the misuse of public funds. The lawsuit was filed by Conway cop Brittany Byrd. Byrd, an eight year employee with the Conway Police Department, alleges that she has been the victim of all kinds of discrimination and violations of state and federal laws. Some of the incidents involve a philandering Major and claims of public funds going to his private business. The lawsuit also points out that Byrd has been the subject of harassment and ridicule for her dating a fellow police officer that happens to be Black.   We have requested a lot of records from the city of Conway and Conway PD. Stay tuned for more.  

LRPD cop Ramona Smoot placed on Administrative Leave after "losing it" while on-duty

  Sources report that LRPD cop Ramona Kiara Smoot was on-duty on December 23, 2023 and after watching a TikTok video of another female LRPD cop, one with whom  she was allegedly romantically involved, "lost it" and threaten to kill herself and that other cop.  That "meltdown" got Smoot placed on administrative leave. What that report omitted was that an unidentified LRPD cop or cops drove Smoot to Baptist Medical Center where Smoot was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward.  The city of Little Rock has not yet responded to our request for information about Smoot and it will probably take another lawsuit to get them to release those requested public records. Kudos to LRPD for immediately providing the requested incident report, even though it lacks pertinent details. Ever since Chief Helton has been in the command staff (first as an assistant chief), their cooperation has been excellent. Smoot joined LRPD in August 2020, as a recruit in their recruit class #97. According