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Shitstorm at Little Rock city hall over LITfest records intensifies

    Earlier this week the feckless Little Rock mayor tried to get the city board of directors to fire the city attorney, Tom Carpenter for allegedly using racial slurs. That didn't work out so well for him.  Someone at LR city hall leaked out to a KATV reporter (one that is known to support the feckless mayor and the former corrupt police chief) a memorandum that Stacey Witherell, the Chief People Officer, a/k/a Human Resources Director sent to the feckless mayor and the city manager alleging misconduct of the city attorney.   KATV did not show the full memorandum, only a small screenshot of it. But that screenshot is telling, in that it shows a hyperlink to the city website, indicating an electronic copy of the memorandum was forwarded to the KATV reporter. We have sent a FOI request to dig into revealing the source of the leak and will follow up on that at a later date.  The leak happened conveniently after the feckless mayor's attempt to get rid of the city attorney failed.

LRPD cop Cristian Gallegos arrested for domestic abuse and relieved of duty

    According to a press release from LRPD, another one of their cops has been arrested for domestic violence.   According to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, Gallegos was booked into the jail.   According to records obtained from LRPD do not reflect previous suspensions. Here's the incident report   We believe this to be the 19 year old female that was assaulted by Gallegos. Jetzy Rivera  This is where the incident occurred. Gallegos is a resident of Alexander, AR in Saline County. A reasonable person would want to know what a LRPD cop would be doing out at that early hour of the morning with an inebriated 19 year old female. ### Here's the mugshot and booking record from the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. Court records reflect his government/legal name as Cristian Gallegos-Montes.   The case is assigned to Judge Melanie Martin who is anti-transparency and usually seals criminal cases for sever months. Martin set a very low bond for the cop. All he had to pay

LRPD cop Terry McDaniel, who has a history of domestic abuse is relieved of duty after beating his son

Back in 2019 we featured mercenary LRPD cop Terry McDaniel in a story about You can read that post by clicking here . That matter involved an incident that occurred in  December 2018. McDaniel argued with his baby mama and came to her residence and busted out a window. McDaniel also threatened to kill her. He was a homicide detective at that time. McDaniel was relieved of duty, while investigations were conducted but nothing serious happened to him because the baby mama declined to move forward with her complaint after she realized if McDaniel was got fired as a result of the domestic violence her child support would be greatly reduced. Fast forward to September 6th. The baby mama made allegations that on or about September 4th, McDaniel beat his 9 year old son with a belt injuring him. Included in the complaint were images of the injuries and a text message. Court records also show that an attorney representing McDaniel was allowed to withdraw from the case apparently because he ha