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Records of furloughed city employees - Some got their job back and others did not

  The city of Little Rock has still has all of it's buildings on lockdown due to the Rona pandemic and many employees have been effectively terminated. We posed these questions to the city: How many City of Little Rock employees were furloughed, by department, between 3/1/2020 and 10/8/2020. How many of those employees were brought back to work within the same time period. What follows is their response. City Attorney: City Manager and City Clerk: Note that the email indicated that Jericho Way sent van drivers home. Wahy to take care of our homeless citizens. Community Programs: Criminal Court: Environmental Court: Finance:  Fleet Services: Housing and Neighborhood Programs: Information Technology: Fire Department: Mayor's Office: Bridgette is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Perhaps the feckless mayor should have furloughed her. Parks and Recreation: Planning and Development: Public Works: Traffic Court: Zoo: The Zoo showed why it is always in turmoil. They couldn't ev

LRPD Internal Investigation brands Lt. Michael "Lil' Bang" Ford a liar

  October 6, 2020 - Russ Racop An Internal Investigation by LRPD found that Lt. Michael "Lil' Bang" Ford lied and misrepresented information to officers with the Maumelle Police Department. The investigation centered around multiple rounds of bullets riddling the air at the Maumelle residence of mercenary LRPD cop Michael Ford on New Year's Eve and an inebriated Ford's encounter with Maumelle Police officers where he refused to provide his name and was incredibly uncooperative. You can read about that by clicking here .  Here are a couple of video clips from the Maumelle Police Officer's body cameras. After being exposed and documented as a liar, why then is his sorry ass still employed by LRPD? Because the LRPD Police Chief is a corrupt liar himself and Ford is one of the few employees of the department that is close to him and Humphrey will protect him at all costs. A memorandum from Assistant Chief Hayward Finks spells it all out. According to information i