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LRPD Internal Investigation brands Lt. Michael "Lil' Bang" Ford a liar


October 6, 2020 - Russ Racop

An Internal Investigation by LRPD found that Lt. Michael "Lil' Bang" Ford lied and misrepresented information to officers with the Maumelle Police Department.

The investigation centered around multiple rounds of bullets riddling the air at the Maumelle residence of mercenary LRPD cop Michael Ford on New Year's Eve and an inebriated Ford's encounter with Maumelle Police officers where he refused to provide his name and was incredibly uncooperative.

You can read about that by clicking here

Here are a couple of video clips from the Maumelle Police Officer's body cameras.

After being exposed and documented as a liar, why then is his sorry ass still employed by LRPD?

Because the LRPD Police Chief is a corrupt liar himself and Ford is one of the few employees of the department that is close to him and Humphrey will protect him at all costs.

A memorandum from Assistant Chief Hayward Finks spells it all out.

According to information in the file, Ford called Chief Keef on his personal cell phone. And guess what?

Just like his home and family, his personal cellphone is based in Oklahoma.

Records provided by LRPD revealed that.


Even more problematic is the fact that Ford also refused to cooperate with Maumelle Police even after he sobered and lawyer-ed up.

Ford's sister tampered with evidence (she threw away shell casings) and refused to cooperate with the investigation. 


Ford's wife refused to cooperate as well. That might be of interest to the state nursing board or her employer.

 And then there is this jewel.

The beleaguered chief got caught allowing Ford to bypass his chain of command. Pure fuckery.

Ford lied multiple times to Maumelle Police Officers and IAD investigators. 

⬩ Ford claimed the female Maumelle Police Officer was rude to him. Videos do not bear that out.

⬩ Ford claimed the Maumelle Police Officers did not tell him they were investigating a crime. Videos reflect they did inform Ford they were investigating a crime and stated what the crime was. 

⬩ Ford lied to Maumelle Police Officers about shots being fired at his residence. His statement to IAD investigators bears that out.

If the weapon that was fired was not Ford's, how could someone walk into your house with a rifle and you not notice it? And from the file we learn that less than 10 individuals were at his residence during the event.

It was initially recommenced that Ford be suspended for 40 hours . He only caught 16 hours of suspension.

Ford isn't the only liar working at LRPD. We published a LRPD's Liar's List and you can view it by clicking here.

The corrupt chief, Lil' Bang and the rest of the documented liars need to be fired.

LRPD is beyond fixing, it needs to be disbanded and a new Metropolitan Police Force be created under the leadership of Sheriff Eric Higgins.

 This is the internal investigation file provided by LRPD.

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