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Pulaski County has personally identifiable information of housing clients in an unsecured SharePoint file and has for months

  Back in August, we exposed corruption at the Pulaski County Housing Agency that resulted in the forced resignation of the director of that agency, Fred Love and a deputy county attorney, Veletta Smith. The county tried to make it look like we had done something wrong and sent individuals that we had first alerted that the county had released their personally identifiable information a letter attempting to paint our Russ Racop in a bad light.   We made a FOI request for records at the end of July. Pulaski County sent us an email with a link to an unsecured SharePoint folder with the records we requested.   One of the PDF's had seven documents attached that contacted lists of applicants and their SSN's, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and incomes.    We apprised the county of that fact. They sent redacted versions of those lists but did not remove them from the pdf in SharePoint folder or replace them. Those lists and all that personally identifiable informati

ASP Trooper Jacob Haynie caught on his own mobile video recordings using the N-word

On November 21, 2023, after one of those questionable PIT maneuvers (the ASP now calls  Precision Immobilization Technique , or PIT maneuvers, Tactical Vehicle Intervention or TVI) ASP rookie trooper and former Hope Arkansas cop Jacob Haynie was caught on his and other ASP mobile video recordings using profanity and the N-word.   ASP policy prohibits the behavior and words Trooper Haynie uttered. That same policy also prohibits actions and behaviors that reflect unfavorably on the ASP. Haynie's wife works at the Hempstead County Assessors office. Wonder if she uses that language at work too?  ### The full videos can be viewed on many of the YouTube Channels that feature ASP videos.  A follower of one channel identifies Haynie as the one uttering the words. Apparently that individual knows Haynie and might have worked with him at Hope PD. ASP claims no one said the words "climb" or "N***a" and the trooper using the fowl language was actually Tyler Gentry. Ri