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Did Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. get a security detail due to an anonymous letter that wished him a painful death from herpes?

Back on February 25, 2020, KARK reported that LR mayor Frank Scott, Jr. stated threats had be made against him. So we made a Freedom of Information request on February 29, 2020 that sought in part records regarding threats made to or about mayor Frank Scott, Jr. The city and LRPD responded and stated no records existed. Imagine our surprise when we found that this week that  Scott and his staff had turned a letter over to his LRPD security detail in July 2019.         Scott's LRPD bodyguards have cost Little Rock taxpayers close to a million dollars to make him appear important and shuttle him around town to dine in the most expensive restaurants spending more public funds. City manager Bruce Moore actually had a threat made against him in 2015 by tin hat wearing Luke Skrable that resulted in a conviction for terroristic threatening and two year ban from city hall for Skrable. Yet Moore did not get police protection. Maybe the feckless mayor should buy a case of condoms using his

LRPD cops provide security for Republican Party of Arkansas and prevent party members from having a voice in a political process

Tainted LRPD cop Corey Hall prevents party members from entering building to cast votes On June 30, 2022, Little Rock Police cop Corey Hall physically prevented around 45 card carrying, dues paying Republican Party members from entering the Republician Party of Arkansas ("RPA") building at 1201 W 6th Street. The individuals denied entry were able to see two additional uniformed LRPD cop inside the building These individual were there to attend the meeting of the Credential Committee  where it was to be determined if delegates from the Pulaski County Republican Committee ("PCRC") would be allowed to vote the following month at the State Republican Convention. Even the PCRC convention chair and her attorney were denied entry.  A link to a video recording of the incident was sent to us. We watched LRPD cop interfere with these individuals civil rights to prevent them from exercising their rights as members of a political organization. One of the violated individuals as

Arkansas State Police Spokesman Caught In a Lie About LR Mayor's Sealed Criminal Conviction

  In 2018, we sent a Freedom of Information request to the Arkansas State Police ("ASP") for records regarding Frank Scott, Jr.   As published in a post back in 2018, the ASP shot back a rapid-fire response that specifically and unequivocally stated the records they had in their custody and control that were responsive to our request were not subject to release due to a court order in a sealed criminal conviction case pursuant to A.C.A. § 16-90-1413 .    A.C.A. § 16-90-1413 states:   That's right, CONVICTED of the offense which he is now asking the court to seal. If the ASP had no public records responsive to our request, they could have responded saying they "had no public records responsive to our request" and our search would have ended there. But the ASP responded affirmatively about having records regarding an arrest of Frank Scott, Jr., and those records could not be released to us and cited the statue that specifically deals with an individual convict