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ASP Trooper Steven Payton pulls a staged pretextual stop on a black law student moving back for classes - Law School student is son of a retired Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge

Arkansas State Trooper Steven Payton Russ Racop August 21, 2020 Marion Humphrey, Jr. was moving back from law school in Fayetteville in a rented U-Haul to Little Rock to complete law school via on-line classes. Near the 81 mile marker, ASP Trooper Steven Payton pulled Humphrey over on a manufactured pretext.  Here are Humphrey's own words about what transpired: This is a copy of the citation that was issued to Humphrey. Humphrey also posted this: Humphrey's father is retired Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Marion Humphrey.  We have requested the audio/video recordings of the traffic stop and will post them upon receipt. We asked the Troop J Captain and the State Police Director for comments. No responses at the time of publication. Stay tuned for updates.  ***UPDATE - 08/21/20 2:30PM***  Apparently the ASP needs time to concoct a story: ***UPDATE - 08/21/20 3:30 PM*** Turns out that Trooper Payton is no stranger to stepping off into the shitstorm. Back in  2011 when he was

Former Ethics Commission chairman and Morrilton City Attorney Paul Fred Dumas arrested and charged with 7 counts of delivery of controlled subtances

Paul Fred Dumas Russ Racop August 5, 2020 Paul Fred Dumas was arrested on July 10, 2020 and charges with 7 counts of delivery of a controlled substance and a confidential informant ("CI") working with the Morrilton Police Department made controlled buys. Paul Fred Dumas Affidavit f... by Russ Racop on Scribd The Prosecuting Attorney for the 15th Judicial District, Tom Tatum, also filed a complaint to seize assets of Dumas. Complaint to sieze assets o... by Russ Racop on Scribd Back in 2012, Dumas was the chairman of the Arkansas Ethics and he was charged with domestic battery after beating his wife. Notice how the city attorney at the time, Bart Virden, tried to whitesplain away the domestic violence.  To make matters worse for Dumas, he wife filed for divorce in July.  Stay tuned for updates.

City Director Lance Hines tells a citizen to fuck off

Ward 5 City Director Lance Hines Russ Racop August 4, 2020 Back in July, an email exchange was sent to us that caught our attention. Hines replied and basically told Bernard to fuck off. Hines' statement about the $5.5 million a year to youths and community programs spurred us to make a FOI request about that bankroll to youths and community programs. You can view the spreadsheet the city sent in response to our request by clicking here . Very little of that $5.5 million is or was actually spent on prevention, intervention, mentoring and treatment programs. Salaries for city employees and staff along with expenses such as travel and conventions took up a large chunk of that pork. Other expenditures were made for tobacco education and supplies, crisis intervention t-shirts,  the radio station at the West Central Community Center that Doris Wright thinks is her private property, playground equipment, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, LR Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission, citywide &