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Disgraced LRPD cop Corey Hall refused to help stranded hospital staff

Tainted cops like Corey Dion Hall have shattered the reputation of LRPD   Russ Racop - February 19, 2021 The Little Rock Police Department has made a big deal of allegedly helping citizens during the winter storm. They have made copaganda posts on social media sites bragging of their actions. I drove around several days live streaming road conditions all over Little Rock on Facebook and only saw one LRPD vehicle while out and about. Once citizen went live on Facebook to detail their contact with a LRPD cop on February 17th. Note : The video was altered to protect their identity. The citizen, a hospital employee, was trying to a neighbor, also a hospital employee, get their vehicle out of a ditch. The citizen observed LRPD vehicles drive by twice. One LRPD vehicle stopped and the Good Samaritan asked the cop for assistance. He said no. The citizen, a POC,  noted the number of the LRPD patrol vehicle - 470, an the race of the cop , also a POC. So we sent a FOI request to LRPD for the na

LRPD cop Owen Lakey and his Crime Scene Tech wife take insensitive, shocking photos

LRPD employees Chalsea & Olen Lakey  Russ Racop - February 11, 2002 Mercenary LRPD cop Olen Lakey began employment  at LRPD back in 2016.  Source: Bordeaux-Racop Transparency Project This is the file we have on Lakey. We have these on all LRDP cops. Lakey was featured in a video we made about the sketchy and ineffectively wasteful ShotSpotter program. Chalsea Beck began employment at LRPD in 2018. No doubt she was a badge bunny / holster sniffer as her dad was a cop. The two apparently crossed paths at some crime scene or a LRFOP party and began dating in 2019. The couple (who lived in Chalsea's home in Cabot) got engaged and obtained a marriage license on September 4, 2020 (in Pulaski County - while stealing time no doubt). The wedding took place on September 12, 2020. We found that the couple had engaged the services of a photographer and took some engagement photos. Some were romantic.💓 Some were playful.😄 And some were shocking and highly inappropriate.😡💩 These