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LRPD mouthpiece claims reporter lied about his comments regarding Snarky Media story

Mark Nelson/Edwards - LRPD civilian mouthpiece Earlier this week we broke the story about the cover-up of a high speed LRPD pursuit that resulted in the death of a child. You can read the story by clicking here . Mitch McCoy with KARK/Fox16 reported on the cover-up in a news report yesterday. An article appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, written by Grant Lancaster, in which Nelson/Edwards stated that our story was not factual. We made a formal complaint to LRPD regarding Nelson/Edward's defamatory statements. According to Assistant Chief Heath Helton, Nelson/Edwards claims that the newspaper reporter factually misrepresented or lied about what he said. Nelson/Edwards claims he asked Lancaster to retract the story and he refused. Helton told SMG's Bordeaux and Racop that he would provide a copy of an email he directed Nelson/Edward to send to the newspaper reporter.  In that email Nelson/Edwards story changed from being he was misquoted to a total denial that he even di