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Lawsuit details sordid story of sexual harassment and retaliation at Benton PD that resulted in the victim being terminated after she filed complaints

The "Good Ole Boy" system is in full effect at the Benton Police Department  Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group  A recently filed lawsuit against the Benton Police Department reads like a movie script.   Benton PD detective Jamar Bennett supervised Alfiya Mills, a sophomore cop. In 2018, they became involved in a illicit sexual affair. Take a look at the complaint filed on August 27, 2021.   Another Benton cop that had observed Mills being harassed filed a report with Benton PD Internal Affairs. The "Good Ole Boy" system swung into action and stepped up the gaslighting of Mills. The consistent harassment and abuse took its toll on Mills. Her marriage ended in early 2020 and as a result of the "Good Ole Boy" system at Benton PD, she ultimately lost her job and her law enforcement credentials. Apparently this isn't the only time Bennett had been shagging around. In a divorce proceeding in 2014, his estranged wife stated he had been committing adultery fo

LRSD School Board President breaks campaign finance laws and records indicate she does not reside in zone she was elected to represent

LRSD School Board President Vicki Hatter by Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group Records obtained form the Pulaski County Assessor's Office indicate that Little Rock School District School Board President Vicki Hatter does not live in the zone she was elected to represent. In 2020, Hatter ran for the Zone 6 position and her campaign filings listed her mailing address of P.O. Box 55573, Little Rock, AR 72215.  That box is located at the U.S. Post Office on Kavanaugh in the Heights area of Little Rock. Her residence was listed as 7820 West Capitol Avenue, Apt 411, on her voter registration. If her voter registration was/is accurate, there is a post office much closer to that location (right around the corner on West Markham) than where that PO Box is located (Kavanaugh & Beechwood) Hatter's residence from Voter Registration and nearest Post Office Hatter's residence from Voter Registration & Post Office housing her PO Box We asked Hatter about her residence.  Se didn't

At-large City Director Antwan Phillips failed to file required campaign forms and his Exploratory Committee illegally operated as a campaign organization

Phillips could have and should have done a better job following campaign finance laws In his run for the Little Rock City Board of Directors in 2020,  attorney Antwan Phillips failed to file the required Campaign Contribution and Expenditure reports. Phillips can't claim ignorance of the law as an excuse, as the Little Rock City Clerk emailed him a packet that contained information about the required forms he would have to file and instructions for filing them. That violation of the law has resulted in our filing a complaint with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. And to make matters worse, the Exploratory Committee established to raise campaign funds for Phillips, "Friends of Antwan Phillips" or "FAP" failed to turn overs fund raised to Phillips when he became a candidate and cease operations. Instead FAP chugged on as a campaign machine for Phillips, accepting illegal contributions and violating Arkansas laws. FAP was run by a fellow attorney-at-law and co-worker

Little Rock Ward 6 City Director and admitted lawbreaker Doris Wright lies when responding to a FOI request and violates the law again

  In 2018 Little Rock Ward 6 City Director Doris Wright admitted she violated Arkansas law when she accepted an illegal campaign contribution from a nightclub.   That complaint was filed by our own Ean Lee Bordeaux.  Now the criminal Wright has violated Arkansas laws again by lying and claiming she had no posts on her social media accounts reflecting her elected position or city related business in response to a Freedom of Information request we recently sent to her. That dear readers, is a damn lie and a violation of Arkansas law that could result in the criminal Wright being removed from office. The criminal Wright has her Twitter account locked down but we here at Snarky Media, have the resources available to us that allow us to view her Twitter feed and obtain the evidence that she is lying and in willful violation of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, which is a criminal offense. Here are some exhibits from the lawsuit that will soon be served on the criminal Wright by deput

Sketchy substitutes at Little Rock public schools - LRSD administration sloughed off the blame

Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group - Little Rock, AR   Last week we exposed LRSD having the fired Pulaski County Special School District teacher, Karla Lasiter working as a substitute at Forest Park Elementary school.  Lasiter's forcing a 5 year old Black student to scoop his own poop out of a toilet made headlines around the world earlier this year.  You can check out our post from March about that by clicking here . LRSD administration was quick to tell us that Lasiter was not an employee of the district, but would not accept responsibility that she was on campus of one of their schools and in direct contact with vulnerable LRSD students. So it was no surprise today to learn that another LRSD substitute teacher, Precious Lyons , was in the news, this time for being in a knock-down-drag-out fight at Central High while being in possession of a handgun.     Lyons has a documented history of criminal offenses involving possession of controlled substances.   Lyon also has an open case