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City Manger Bruce Moore Openly Violates Yard Parking Ordinance

Scofflaw LR City Manger Bruce "HomeWrecker" Moore thinks he is above the law While doing a live stream tour on Facebook yesterday of our city leaders homes, we found that City Manager Bruce "HomeWrecker" Moore to be in violation of the Little Rock Ordinance regarding parking a vehicle in a yard. Moore's residence is at the corner of Beechwood and Lee. View from Beechwood   View from Lee   Back in 2012, the Little Rock City Board passed an ordinance prohibiting parking vehicles in yards.   The car in Moore's yard is parked on the grass.  There is no gravel under it. The new ordinance was widely reported by the news media at the time. Citizens have received ticket for parking a vehicle in ther yard too. Will Moore admit that he has violated the law and voluntarily pay the fine? Nope. Will the city take action against him? Nope. Nothing happened to Moore after his hit and run accident. Moore was partying and rammed into a vehicle in the parking garage behind c