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Need an accident report? Arkansas Court of Appeals rules you can take a photo of it or copy it with your own equipment for free

  Attorney Ben Motal - LRPD and the City of Little Rock violated his rights under the AFOIA   Russ Racop - November 22, 2020 Back in May, the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled that an individual can inspect and take photos of accident reports or scan them with their own equipment all free of charge.   That ruling was in an appeal of a case filed by Little Rock Attorney Ben Motal, who had attempted to take a photo of an accident report at LRPD headquarters using his cellphone in October 2018. LRPD stopped Motal from exercising his rights under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Motal subsequently filed a complaint in Pulaski County Circuit Court. Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Mackie Pierce held a hearing and upheld the decision of LRPD/CLR. Motal appealed Judge Pierce's decision and the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled that Motal's rights had been violated and reversed the decision of the lower court.    Motal v Little Rock Appeal Decision by Russ Racop on Scribd   LR

Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputy Jordan Andrew Abels arrested and charged with Domestic Battery and Terroristic Threatening

PCSO Deputy Abels - currently on Administrative Leave   Jordan Andrew Abels, a deputy with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office was arrested by Saline County Sheriff's Deputy Alex Hollaway on November 6, 2020 and charged with Domestic Battery 3rd Degree (a Class A misdemeanor) and Terroristic Threatening (a Class D felony). The arrest stemmed from an incident on November 4th, in which Abels allegedly sent multiple messages to his wife, Kimberly Abels, in which he threatened to kill her. She also provided a photograph showing an injury ffrom a choking incident in June 2020.   Court records revel that Kimberly Abels filed for and obtained an Order of Protection in Saline County on November 5th.  Mrs. Abels also files for divorce today, November 10th in Saline County.   Kristin Knox, a communication specialist with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office confirmed Abels has been placed on administrative leave but has refused to provide a copy of his personnel file in violation of t

LRPD cop Scottie Lackland charged in illegal pyramid scheme that netted over $320,000

Scamming LRPD cop Scottie Lackland   A press release from the Arkansas Attorney General caught our attention today as it mentioned a mercenary LRPD cop being involved with his family in duping folks out of their hard earned money during a medical pandemic... Says, ‘Don’t be fooled by testimonials that these schemes work’ LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today announced the first step in a law enforcement sweep against illegal pyramid schemes organized and operated in Arkansas. The State has filed lawsuits in Faulkner and Saline Counties alleging Defendants represented to consumers that they could earn a 700% return on investment and “bless” their communities by joining a “Blessing Loom” board and recruiting others to do the same. No products or services were offered in exchange for the payment, only the opportunity to earn money. But, when new participants stopped joining and the pyramids’ organizers started using consumers’ money as their own, consume