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Mercenary LRPD cop Joshua "Kade" Myers blows through stop sign crashing into a vehicle - What will his blood work reveal?

Mercenary LRPD cop Joshua "Kade" Myers Russ Racop July 28, 2020 Early Sunday morning, at approximately 2:55 a.m., mercenary LRPD cop Joshua "Kade" Myers  was ripping down Arch Street in pursuit of a vehicle and blasted through a stop sign at the 17th Street intersection t-boning the vehicle of Brannon Kidd.   Another LRPD cop, Jordan Ruff, was riding in the vehicle driven by Myers. Jordan Ruff - Riding shotgun with Myers Ruff has been with LRPD for over a year but has yet to change his voter registration from Fayetteville to Little Rock. Ruff does has a vehicle assessed here in Pulaski County. James Ruff is not Jordan's husband, it's his father. Myers was the cop that was tasked to stay by the killer cop Charles Starks side (suicide watch) after he murdered Bradley Blackshire in February 2019.   Apparently Myers uses alcoholic beverages as a form of self-medication to relieve anxiety and stress.   80% of all white LRPD cops like Myers refuse to live in Lit

LRPD is staffed by drunks and mentally ill individuals - Episode 2: Billy Brackins

LRPD cop Billy "Fibster" Brackins Russ Racop July 20, 2020 This sorry excuse for a cop came to our attention back in 2018, when he was piss-on-yourself-drunk at Midtown Billiards with another LRPD miscreant cop Spencer Mitchell. LRPD cop Spencer Mitchell This is a video we posted about the incident back in 2018. Listen to the 911 call Brackins made. Fibster Brackins lied multiple times about what actually happened that night at Midtown starting when fellow cops responded and he told them he saw Parker snorting drugs in the men's room at Midtown. Then he claims it was a white guy he saw using drugs in the Midtown men's room. His different versions of what happened should have been enough of a reason to be fired for untruthfulness.  Instead he only caught 176 hours of suspension. It appears from the IAD investigation and witness statements that Brackins was really attempting to buy cocaine for his own use. Why would LRPD want to keep him employed? To avoid paying a sett

LRPD is staffed by drunks and mentally ill individuals - Episode 1: James Boyce

LRPD cop James "Brad" Boyce Russ Racop July 16, 2020 For decades we have acquired files from the Little Rock Police Department regarding internal investigations and criminal files conducted on their employees. We have an on-going series about where all the LRPD take-home vehicle go, mostly outside of the city. Now we will expose the drunks, drug addicts, mentally ill misfits that comprise the mostly mercenary LRPD ranks. Our first episode in this new series reads like a made for TV movie. This cop had blackouts from mixing psychotropic drugs/booze, and suffers with  with a mysterious obsessive compulsive disorder. Top that off with insurance fraud and you have a typical LRPD cop. A complaint back in 2014 by Shawntell Looney, a female that apparently had an itch for bad boy cops, resulted in this miscreant getting forever branded as a liar and a risk to the shaky reputation and credibility of LRPD. Shawntell Looney Here is the entire IAD file. It's a big file but worth tak

Troubled State Representative candidate Roderick Talley arrested for felony theft by receiving

Russ Racop July 15, 2020 State Representative candidate Roderick Talley was arrested on July 11th for  Theft by Receiving, a Class D Felony. According to records we obtained, the LRPD cops that arrested Talley are Joshua Myers and Katelin Flynn. LRPD cop Joshua "Kade" Myers LRPD cop Katelin Flynn  We posted about mercenary cop Myers back in March 2019 on social media. Talley posted about his latest legal problem on Facebook. We sent a FOI request to the Department of Finance and Administration for records regarding Talley. Back in February, Talley was found guilty of violating an Order of Protection. In May, the Arkansas Ethic Commission found that Talley violated the law by taking campaign funds for personal income and failing to file campaign finance reports. Talley also faces several felony charges in Cross County. A felony conviction would bar Talley from holding any public office in Arkansas.  ### We obtained LRPD reports regarding the arrest.