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Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy arrested and charged with stealing inmate information for identitiy fraud purposes

  Earlier today we broke this story about Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy Ollie Mills being fired and arrested for stealing information of nine inmates, including social security numbers , for the purpose of using that information in financial identity fraud. A press release was sent out at approximately 4:30pm today that detailed the incident.   Mills, 27, of Conway is being held in the Pulaski County jail without bond. Mills in her PCSO uniform at a happier time   Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Cody Burk said the department received a tip about Mills collecting nine inmate's names and social security numbers prior to the arrest. Mills had been employed at the detention facility less than a year, according to Burk, and she has been terminated from her employment at the sheriff's office. According to Mills' Facebook page, her prior job was a nurses aid at a Little Rock rehab center. Investigators have not been able to find fraudulent actions taken against

Little Rock at-large city director Joan Adcock admits she accepted an illegal campaign contribution

Admitted lawbreaker and city director Joan Adcock   Long in the tooth at-large city director Joan Adcock admitted in an Arkansas Ethics Commission Consent Order to accepting an illegal contribution in her 2020 reelection campaign. The complaint was filed by our own Russ Racop. You can read our story about that by clicking here . Adcock tried to justify her criminal activity in a story that appeared in a local online news report. She also complained about having Racop "look over her shoulder".  Adcock has been in office way too long and needs to step down.

Little Rock fireman Christian Burton arrested and charged with receipt and distribution of child pornography

LRFD fireman Christian Burton  A complaint filed in federal court accuses Christian Burton, 35, of possession of child pornography with intent to view and receipt/distribution of child pornography. A fire department spokesperson said Wednesday that Burton was arrested at work on July 2nd. He has been placed on administrative leave without pay.     A Little Rock police detective Amber Kalmer testified at a hearing July 12th that authorities found child pornography on Burton's phone and a photo that appeared to show his penis next to a sleeping boy. Burton wanted to be released to his mother. But Judge Jerome T. Kearney rejected that idea and ordered him held in jail for the safety of the community.   Additional court filings indicate that there might be a witness, perhaps a child as Burton asked LRPD Detective Kalmer if a child had come forward.  Burton's court appearance is set for August 23, 2021.

Hypocritical Pulaski County Judge bends over for LR mayor and police chief that defied his court order last year

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Herbert T. Wright   In 2020 we filed four Arkansas Freedom of Information appeal from denial of rights lawsuits against the feckless Little Rock mayor and deadbeat police chief. Two of the cases were assigned to Judge Wright and two were assigned to Judge Wendell Griffen. Wright unsuccessfully tried to wrangle the two cases from Judge Griffen to no avail. Initially,  Wright failed to follow the law and set the cases for a hearing within seven days of the petitions being filed. We had difficulty getting Wright to set a date for the hearing and that necessitated that we file a motion for his recusal.  That filing resulted in his setting a date for a hearing. In that hearing the city attorney, Tom Carpenter, motioned that all four cases we filed be consolidated. This would require Judge Griffen to agree to step away from the two cases in his court (he didn't - more on those cases in another post).   Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter So on March