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Killeen, Tx residents here are some things you needs to know about police chief candidate Keith Humphrey

  Keith Humphrey’s tenure as Little Rock's police chief was one marked by lawsuits and scandal.  During his first year after becoming Little Rock’s 38th chief of police in April 2019, the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police voted that they had no confidence in Humphrey, a resolution passed by nearly 84% if it's membership.  The former police chief had two investigations still open against him when he announced his retirement in May 2022 (If a certified law enforcement officer voluntarily leaves employment during an on-going investigation they are subject to decertification).   Now it's time to get all the facts out to the good folks in Toledo about Humphrey so they won't let their city leadership make the same mistake the feckless Little Rock mayor did by hiring Humphrey. Humphrey is a Killer On June 23, 1999 Humphrey was a police officer in Arlington, TX and was working off-duty, in plain clothes, at a Dillard's Department store in the Six Flags Mall. Roy Don
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Eudora mayor stands behind her assistant's bigoted, profanity laced social media posts

  Eudora mayor Tomeka Butler and her assistant/boyfriend Elijah Jackson, Jr. In December 2022, Eudora, AR mayor Tomeka Butler was in the news when she put her town of 1,728 folks under a mandatory curfew due to a rash of  unnecessary violence that her police department could not handle. The KATV story stated: LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — The mayor of Eudora, Arkansas has put the city under a "mandatory civil emergency curfew" effective immediately due to the "rash of unnecessary violence" that has occurred in the city. Mayor Tomeka Butler said the curfew will be from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. The curfew was put into effect Monday and a video was uploaded on the city's Facebook page. The only exceptions will be work and medical reasons. The mayor said that the curfew will be strictly enforced by the Eudora City Police Department. "Should you be caught during curfew hours you will be subject to being stopped and searched," Butler. A town hall meeting will be hel

Bryant High School teacher accused of sexual misconduct with a student

The Bryant Police Department confirms an on-going investigation of a now former Bryant teacher, Heather Danielle (Hall) Hare. Hare (age 32) has been accused of sexual contact with a student.  Hare was featured on ABC Good Morning America in May 2020 when a course she taught was discontinued during the pandemic. At this point no details of the alleged illegal conduct have been released. Earlier today the school district posted this on a Bryant Schools Facebook page. According to on-line school board records, Hare submitted her resignation effective April 1, 2023.     Hare is married and is a resident of Conway, AR. KATV featured the Hare family in another story on October 31, 2022. Stay tuned for updates. KTHV featured Hare's daughter in several newscasts . ### ***UPDATE 04/06/23*** Bryant PD provided us with their initial report dated March 31, 2023. ***UPDATE 04/07/23*** Sources report that the Bryant High School football player involved in an "entanglement"

City of Little Rock releases a copy of a memorandum regarding lack of public notice of a 2022 pursuit where a child was killed

  Did fear of more AFOIA violation lawsuits get this released?   Back in July 2022, we broke the story of an illegal LRPD pursuit into Saline County that resulted in the death of a child .  Click here to view it. We were able to obtain records that no other media outlet was able to obtain and utilizing our vast database of LRPD records were able to identify the officers involved as well as their personnel files (obtained via a AFOIA lawsuit). The records we obtained clearly revealed that the command staff at LRPD was aware of the incident.  We also pointed out that the former police chief and the feckless mayor kept this incident from the public as it was an election year and issues at LRPD with personnel committing crimes was something they wanted to keep from the public. The mayor feigned ignorance yet refused to provide copies of text messages. Being an election year, he had to act like he gave a fuck, so he ordered an inquiry to determine why the incident was not made public befor