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LRPD Asst. Chief Heath Helton applied for top job as Chief of Police

Many of us serious and influential critics and activists hope that Asst. Chief Heath Helton gets the top job as chief of the Little Rock Police Department. He is more than qualified for the position after they miserably failed to hire Asst. Chief Eric Higgins, twice (now our esteemed Pulaski County Sheriff), then Alice Faulk.   It's probably one of the only ways that several serious police corruption critics would even bother to consider a hire from this feckless mayor as a mark of any sort of actual progress.  But as usual, we most certainly expect the city and Feckless Frank to fuck this up too.  Let's just hope that Steve Landers, mayoral candidate for the city of Little Rock, does better.  BUT...if Landers slips, we'll be there to do what we do. That's a promise. NEW: @LRPolice Assistant Chief Heath Helton has applied to be the city's next police chief. Helton is a 26-year veteran with the department and lives in Little Rock, per his department bio. #ARNews

LRPD told media they bought back 40 weapons - Their records only list 38 stored in their property room. What happened to the other two?

  LRPD partnered in a gun buy back on June 4, 2020 and told news media they collected 40 weapons.   But records obtained via a FOI request to LRPD indicate only 38 weapons were logged into their property room on June 6, 2022.   What happened to the other two weapons?  Were they kept by LRPD cops for personal use or as drop guns? According to the information provided to us by LRPD, they bought back 20 pistols, 10 shotguns and 8 rifles.