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LR Mayor caught breaking law by using city resources for campaign activites

In addition to his illegal actions involving transparency and the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (we have obtained four judgments against him for violations of the AFOIA), the feckless Little Rock mayor has violated the law by using city resources for his re-election campaign.

Exhibit A. 

On or about May 26, 2022, we discovered that Scott had directed city employees to add his personal Twitter feed to the city of LR homepage of the city website. It just so happened that our screenshot captured him illegally using city resources to advertise and promote his re-election campaign.


Shortly after we sent this email, the city removed the display of Scott's personal Twitter feed and replaced it with a display of the CLR Twitter feed. 


Exhibit B.

Leander Hampton called 311 asking for a Frank Scott campaign sign for his yard . Rather than saying “you’ll have to contact the campaign,” that request for a campaign sign was forwarded to his chief of staff Kendra Pruitt.



Matt Campbell, Attorney and publisher of Blue Hog Report, was provided with this deleted email in response to an unfilled FOI request.

City attorney Tom Carpenter, discovered that his employee, Samantha Wilson, had deleted that particular email along with other emails and a video of a conspiratorial LITfest Zoom meeting instead of providing them to Campbell in response to his FOI request.

The Scott Administration is an embarrassment to the city of Little Rock and its citizens.

It's continual violation of laws should be investigated by the Arkansas Attorney General and the Department of Justice. 




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