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The Little Rock Board of Directors approved changes to an existing ordinance about booting vehicles at their meeting yesterday afternoon.

City Attorney Tom Carpenter told us it was to clean up some language and bring it in line with similar ordinances used in other jurisdictions.

If an individual has fines for parking violations that are over $250.00, they are subject to having their vehicle booted.

If parking enforcement officers boot a vehicle for unpaid fines, there is a notice placed on the vehicle to advise the owner/driver of the steps to get the boot removed.

If the owner/driver does not take steps to clear the unpaid fines withing 24 hours, the vehicle is then towed from the parking pace and impounded.

Back at an agenda meeting on June 9th, the revised ordinance was discussed and it was mentioned that the largest amount owed by an individual for unpaid fine was around $10,000.

We sent an FOI request for that list and as usual, Feckless Frank was uncooperative and ignored our request until we sent notice of it being added to a denial of rights under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

Here is the list the city finally provided.

The individual that currently holds the honor of having the most unpaid parking tickets, 219 of them,  totaling $10,950.00 is Esther Buchanan, a Conway resident that works for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Buchanan is no stranger to violations involving her vehicle.

Also listed is Myron Jackson, the owner of The Design Group and husband of Stephanie Jackson.

Stephanie Jackson is the part-time public information officer for feckless mayor Frank Scott, Jr. and is also employed at the Design Group.

The Jackson's company is the same one that was involved with the mayor in that structured deal to avoid a bid, to produce the heavily edited and altered Critical Incident video of the murder of Bradley Blackshire by the now fired LRPD rouge cop Charles "Bad to the Bone" Starks. You can read our post about that by clicking here.

Myron is listed twice, once on page 4 with ten unpaid tickets totaling $500.00 and then again on page 5 with eighteen unpaid tickets totaling $885.00. If he is not listed twice in error, the total he owes is $1,385.00.

The Jackson's company has benefited from having many contracts with the city over the years and with the current administration. 

Maybe they should have withheld the fines from the money they paid him.

Others that will get honorable mention are:

⧫ LaTonya Austin, a/k/a LaTonya Laid Austin Honorable, a local shyster and former deputy city attorney for the city of Little Rock and a failed judicial candidate (you can read a post about her by clicking here) is on the list with seven unpaid tickets totaling $345.00.

⧫ Michael Langley, another shyster and former Administrative Director of Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control, has seven unpaid tickets totaling $350.00. You can read a posts about him by clicking here and here.

We asked City Manager Bruce Moore why the city lets these scofflaws slide via email. This is his response.

It seems that with the budget crisis the city is in that they would be keen on getting these fines collected.

Maybe there is really no crisis at all as our Feckless mayor spends money like it grow on trees.

Back in 2015 the amount of unpaid fines was around $700k. At that time they did not boot vehicles because they did not have the manpower to do it.

They used a collection agency to try and collect the unpaid fines and the rate of collection went from 54% to 71%.

We think posting the scofflaws and their photos might be a better way to collect was is owed. Along with impounding the vehicles. 

These were the areas that received the most tickets back then.

 In 2017, the city tried an amnesty program.

We are not sure, but we are guessing it was not too successful.

We attempted to speak with Parking Enforcement Coordinator Marvin Benton about the amnesty program, but he would not return our telephone call.

The city needs the money more than Jericho Way, a Catholic run operation,  needs coffee and creamer.

Let the booting begin!

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