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CIty Director Joan Adcock accepted illegal campaign contribution - Reports reveal thousands of dollars unaccounted for during the 2020 campaign

Russ Racop - March 21, 2021


Long in the tooth At-large City Director Joan Adcock accepted a $500 illegal contribution during her 2020 re-election campaign according to a review of a report she filed on October 27, 2020.

The Campaign Contribution & Expenditure Report shows a $500 contribution by the David Parker Trust on July 31, 2020.


A Trust cannot make a campaign contribution to a candidate, nor can a candidate accept a contribution from a Trust. Making or accepting such a contribution violates Arkansas Code 7-6-203.

Back in 2017 we filed a complaint with the Arkansas Ethics Commission about a similar contribution from a Trust that a Fort Smith judicial candidate accepted, The Ethics Commission found it violated Ark. Cod Ann. 7-6-203.  You can read or post about that by clicking here.

That is not the only problem Adcock has with her October 27, 2020 report.

Her October 27th report documents $40,500 in monetary contributions, but she states on line #8 that she received $46,980.00 in monetary contributions during the reporting period of June 1, 2020 through October 27, 2020. According to this report there was $6,480.00 in monetary contributions that were not correctly documented on the report.


The problems don't end there. On line #9 she indicates that the balance of campaign funds on hand at the end of the reporting period was $8,026.47.

This amount is questionable as according to what she had listed on the October 27th CCE report, loans and contributions totaled $45,500.00 and expenditures totaled $33,953.53. Based on those amounts the balance of funds on hand should be $11,546.47 not $8,026.47. What happened to that $3,520.00?

Conversely, if Adcock did in fact receive$46,980.00 in contributions as she lists on line #7 on page 1 of her October 27 CCE, A discrepancy in the amount of funds on hand. Loans & contributions would total $51,980.00. Subtract expenditures of $33,953.53 and the balance on hand  should be $18,026.47 not $8,026.47. What happened to that $10,000.00?

To make matters worse, Adcock filed two separate CCE reports on December 3, 2020 and both were problematic.

One CCE, marked final report, listed that the balance of campaign funds at the beginning of the reporting period was $8,026.47. Monetary contributions during the reporting period were $1,800.00. Total expenditures were listed as $7,693.50. The balance of campaign funds was reported as $2,132,97. Adcock failed to indicate how surplus funds were disposed or if they were being carried over.



The other CCE, also marked final report indicated that she had carryover funds in the amount of $2,032.9 with a note at the bottom of the page that stated “holding onto $100.00 to replace a lost check. If found will them donate it to the Animal Village also. There was a photocopy of a cashier's check in the amount of $2,032.97 made payable to the Little Rock Animal Village attached to the report.


Adcock did not file an amended or supplemental CCE to reflect the disposition of the $100.00 she claimed she was holding for a “lost check”.

All CCE's filed were signed by Adcock certifying the information on the reports is a complete, true and accurate financial statement of her campaign contributions and expenditures.

Adcock has held this office since 1992 and should be acutely aware of what contributions a candidate can accept.

Perhaps Adcock is senile and cannot be expected to file correct reports.

Perhaps Adcock should resign so a more capable and less racist individual can represent the citizens of the city.

Whether Adcock is senile or simply stupid is no excuse for these questionable filings.

In October of 2020 while reviewing all LR Board candidates CCE's filed, we discovered the illegal contribution Adcock had accepted and reported and I made a phone call to Ronnie Jackson, the individual listed as Adcock's campaign chairperson/treasurer. 

Ronnie Jackson

I apprised Jackson of the illegal contribution and related that I had filed a complaint in 2017 with the Ethics Commission about a judicial candidate from Fort Smith that had accepted an illegal campaign contribution from a Trust and the Commission had found that it violated the law (See AEC Case No. 2017-CO-030).

Adcock never filed an amended CCE or listed on any subsequent CCE filed that any funds had been returned to a contributor. Additionally there were no amended CCE filed to correct the unaccounted for contributions or discrepancy in the balance of campaign funds on hand on October 27, 2020.

Last thing about Adcock's CCE Reports (for now) they show how she is in the pocket of the predominately white businessmen in the city. 

She, like most all other board of director members including the feckless mayor,  accepted contributions from two political action committees that lead the fight against tenant rights and habitable housing in the city and state; the PAC of the Wright, Lindsey Jennings law firm and the Arkansas Realtors Association.

We need to clean out Little Rock City Hall from the office of the Mayor down.


This is  full complaint we will file with the Arkansas Ethics Commission next week.



Turns out that Ronnie Jackson, Adcock's man, has some sketchy CCE filings himself.

Jackson was a candidate for Ward 1 City Director back in 2018 and also accepted an illegal contribution from a business and failed to file a final report.


Birds of a feather...

Looks like another complaint is on the way to the Arkansas Ethics Commission.


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