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Local TV reporter has harrowing experience with LRPD mouthpiece and files complaint

Russ Racop - January 10, 2021

LRPD mouthpiece Mark Nelson a/k/a Mark Edwards - Ill suited for public employment?


On December 11, 2020, KATV reporter Shelby Rose sent iniquitous LRPD chief Humphrey an email requesting an interview.


Instead of receiving a response from the chief or his assistant saying okay and setting up a time, Rose got a terse denial of access to the chief from Nelson/Edwards.



That denial is in direct conflict with information LRPD has on their city website and most all emails that are sent out from the department.

Undaunted, Rose responded and again requested the perhaps Nelson/Edwards himself could be interviewed.


As you can see, Nelson/Edwards said no. So much for their #copaganda posted on their webpage.

By coincidence, I happened to be at LRPD HQ on December 11, 2020. I was there picking up a FOI response.

When I arrived I observed a KATV vehicle parked in front of LRPD HQ, and when I was granted access to the building, I observed a female reporter and a male cameraman.

They were in the front lobby.


I walked past them to walk down the hall to go to the records counter around the corner.

While waiting to be handed the records I requested, I heard a commotion and started recording.

The video shows Nelson/Edwards and a KATV cameraman going back toward the chief's conference room. The female reporter was not with them. The cameraman has a worried look on his face.

Yes that's a moldy hole in the ceiling

After I was provided with the records I requested, I left the building.  Just outside of the entrance, I observed the female KATV reporter. She was talking on her cellphone and appeared very distraught. 

I can't say for sure that it was Rose as she had a mask on and to the best of my knowledge I've never met her.

The LRPD chief was featured on several newscasts that evening taking about the violent crime in the city. The delusional chief made the comment that "Little Rock isn't dangerous."

Then a few days later KATV was still trying to get an interview with the chief, Nelson/Edwards or any warn body from LRPD.

Notice that Nelson/Edwards is still avoiding giving KATV an interview and mentions that Rose made a complaint against him.

We sent a FOI request to LRPD asking for video from their CCTV system and any complaints filed about Edwards.

LRPD refused to provide the video from their CCTV system showing me, the KATV folks and Edwards as well as the complaint Rose made about hi.

One thing is certain, Little Rock is a very dangerous place and the chief and Edwards are not fit for their positions.


When Nelson/Edwards was hired the chief let him know I was a problem for him. Edwards contacted a mutual friend in law enforcement. That friend told him I was good at my job and would expose anyone that was doing wrong and with the receipts.

Well Nelson/Edwards, what he told you was 100% correct. 

You might be wondering why we are referring to him as Nelson/Edward's, well apparently his real last name is Nelson and his alter ego/fake name is Edwards.


KATV has been posting about all the violent crimes on social media. They also tried to get records about the lying Brady Cops in the LRPD ranks and were told no records exist.

We posted a list from records obtained from LRPD. That list is available here and here.






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