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Our autocratic and feckless mayor posted a Father's Day video praising fathers, especially his own.

You can watch the short video by clicking on the image below.

Feckless Frank tries to paint his father as a kind, loving man...

 ...but facts prove otherwise.

Frank Sr. has a well-documented history of domestic violence,contact with law enforcement and scandalous behavior resulting in a suspension from his employer at the time, the Little Rock Fire Department.

It appears things were bad at the Scott household. As mentioned, Frank Sr. worked as a Little Rock Fireman and appears to have had a side chick or two and perhaps substance abuse issues.

So Frank, Sr. filed for a divorce back in 1989 to get free of his family.

Court records indicate that they worked things out and the case was dismissed in May 1990. 

Abusers and their victims often have co-dependency issues. It's an endless cycle that sometimes takes years to break.

In 2000, things must have become unbearable for Mrs. Scott.

She filed for a Petition for an Order of Protection on March 13, 2000.

According to court records, this petition was denied.

Mrs. Scott filed another Petition for an Order of Protection on April 24, 2000.

The filing reflect that Frank Sr. broke into her house and had an axe.


According to court records the complaint was dismissed. That abuse co-dependency cycle again.

In 2004 shit hit the fan or rather Mrs. Scott again.

She filed yet another petition for an Order of Protection.

This time Mrs. Scott filed for a divorce.

The divorce was granted in May 2005.

Less than a year later, Amelia Roy, a side chick of Frank Sr's., filed for an Order of Protection. 

Roy indicates that she and Frank Sr. were involved in a dating relationship from February 1994 through March 30, 2006 and that they lived together from February 2004 through March 2006. Remember that Frank Sr. was married to Brenda Marshall Scott from 1983 until May 2005 - that's an eleven year affair!

All the criminal activity of Frank Sr. finally impacted his job as a Little Rock fireman.

It takes a lot to get fired from the Little Rock Fire Department. See a previous (our first one actually) post about that by clicking here.

It appears that alcoholism might be a factor in the Scott family.

We have written about the sealed criminal case  of our Mayor - one that involved a DWI offense and some other salacious matters (click here) .

Court records indicate that a John Frank Scott, a/k/a/ Stinky, had a lengthy arrest history for public intoxication here in Little Rock. From 1986 to 1991 we found 39 instances where Stinky Scott was arrested for public intoxication.

We believe that this is possibly the grandfather of our feckless mayor. 

We are not 100% certain of that fact but marriage records indicate that it is a possibility.

If it is a relative, this can explain a lot about Feckless Frank.

Scott tries to deceive us about his personal life and his public one. He claims accountability and transparency, but operates entirely different than that. 

It's time to start the recall petition to remove him from office. Want to sign? 


***UPDATE - 7/10/19*** 

A reader contacted us and gave us some shocking news about Frank Scott, Sr. when he was a fireman.

Some may recall a tragic incident back in Janurary of 2013:

 Fireman Frank Scott, Sr. was on a truck that responded to the scene

Fireman Frank Scott, Sr. and other CLR employees did not take any direct action to rescue the drowning mother and child. 

In fact,  Fireman Frank Scott, Sr. stopped the husband and father from attempting top rescue his family as Scott and other stood by doing nothing.

Fucking coward.

Here is a link to the lawsuit in which Fireman Frank Scott, Sr. is listed as a defendant.

I'm sure other stories will slink in on the snake.

Stay tuned.


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