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Previous post about the Schiefelbein Scandal


Letters we obtained via a FOI request, after another tip, provides verification of LRPD's decision to fire recruit Brandon Schiefelbein.

That decision was put on hold after befouled LRPD Chief Kenton Tremar Bucker had a "luncheon" meeting and several telephone calls with Robert Newcomb, an attorney representing Schiefelbein, or Shitforbrains as fellow recruits are reported to have begun to use as a friendly pet name.

 Click here to view the letter and attachments.

From the letter, we find evidence to substantiate reports made to us earlier in the week that Schiefelbein was done as a recruit. 

Apparently Newcomb was aware of Buckner's fondness for food by reviewing old posts he made on the LRPD's Facebook page and was trying to get to his heart, errr... mind, over a "luncheon" meeting and telephone calls.

We also learn that Buckner provide Newcomb a copy of the internal investigation file.

This was at the same time LRPD was denying our request for information about the Schiefelbein investigation and denials that any decision about his employment had been made.

Things are in so much turmoil at LRPD that we are being inundated with information from LRPD employees who know we will uncover and expose what is really going on despite befouled LRPD Chief Kenton Tremar Bucker's and shady City Manager Bruce Moore's failed attempts to block release of public documents.

In an interview on KARK/FOX16, Newcomb stated,"Let's look at the total picture at the time they were hired, because if we start looking back when they were teenagers, statements they made ... we're going to lose a lot of people that could be good officers."

There are more concerns about Schiefelbein than his racist views - namely his association and possible membership in at least two extremist groups - 3 Percenters and American Resistance Movement ("A.R.M."). Add to this the fact that the Arkansas National Guard is also investigating him concerning his racist post and affiliation with the extremist groups.

Maybe Newcomb will provide photographs of Schiefelbein's tattoos (covered up a a flesh colored sleeve in the photo below) to show that they are only "mom & apple pie" tats.


We also learned that LRPD Capt. Marcus Paxton assisted Schiefelbein with an Attorney General's Opinion regarding a FOI request we made to obtain Schiefelbein's application of employment with LRPD while Schiefelbein was on administrative leave.


Click here to read the entire AG's Opinion.

This request was nothing more that a delaying tactic by  Schiefelbein as everyone with any sense knows that an application for employment with a public agency in Arkansas is considered a public document and is obtainable upon request.

Apparently Schiefelbein did not want to reveal that he had a blood relative or significant other employed by LRPD and that his previous work experience was selling cellphone and athletic gear.

Click here to view Schiefelbein's Employment Documents.

Schiefebein's post has created an atmosphere of distrust among  black recruits in the class with Schiefebein, and while it was posted in 2013, it is still a concern in 2017.

Arkansas is an “at will’ employment state and LRPD needs no reason to terminate the employment of any individual, especially one on probationary employment as is Schiefebein.

If Schiefebein is not fired, the tarnished reputation of the Little Rock Police Department will drop down another rung on the ladder of respectability  and the racial divide of the city will widen.

They need to do the right thing for the city and citizens of Little Rock and fire Schiefebein and show the world that the city of Little Rock and the Little Rock Police Department will not tolerate racism.

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