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In a March 26th post about shenanigans at the Van Buren County Jail we posted a photograph snagged from a Facebook post by Greyson Cooper, a jailer that was fired for feeding inmates soap.

Originally we posted an altered photo in which we placed a man's face over the face of Deana Sowell, the bride-to-be of Cooper.


We initially posted that photo, then a short time later blurred out the face of the man superimposed into the photo and re-uploaded the further altered image.


Then on May 31st, we received an email from Deana Sowell:

 Then a somewhat lengthy email conversation began:


Sowell was not identified nor was she displayed in the initial photo used to accompany her boyfriends post.

Sowell began by complaining about her boyfriend's photo being plastered and that it was a stolen professional copyrighted photograph.  The photo was not stolen, it had been plastered all over social media by her and her boyfriend.

Actually,  it looks like it was taken with an old Kodak Brownie camera by her grandmother. She's looking at the camera and he's looking at something to the right of the camera with a half-baked expression (maybe a bucket of KFC or a pooping dog).

Sowell posted the photo on her Facebook page on March 26th of 2016.

Cooper posted it a few months later on June 26th, 2016 and uses it as his profile picture on Facebook to this day.

Once you post a photograph on Facebook, you agree that is can be used by Facebook, shared by Facebook with others and a whole other long list of legal mumbo jumbo.   Bottom line is that if you want to keep a photo from the public, don't post the damn thing on a social media site for crying out loud.

If you look at the photo as posted on Cooper's Facebook page, you will find that the image does not bear any copyright information or watermark from a photographer or photography studio. 

Sowell claims the photo was release to her for "her use only".  How then did Cooper come into possession of the photo and upload it to Facebook and use it as his profile picture on June 26, 2016?

Perhaps he snagged it from her Facebook page or perhaps she shared the alleged copyrighted photo with him and others.

Sowell then wanted to strike a deal, she would give us the real story about her POS husband-to-be and his feeding soap to inmates in exchange for removing the photo that did not show her face or list her name.

We had all the details and didn't need hearsay statements from her.

Then she revealed the real issue for her, she didn't really give a hoot that his face was "plastered" all over blog, she was worried that her connection to him might impact her future employment once she graduates from college.

Having grown tried of her, we sent this email to her:

The next day, emails started coming in from the photographer. He stated that we had illegally manipulated his photograph and billed us $5k for posting the altered image.  He did state that if we removed the altered image, he would not require payment.

Then the truth comes out, he didn't really care that a photo he took was used, heck he would give permission (not that we needed it), he was trying to appease Sowell and get the image off so she would not be negatively affected.  We must point out that the photo posted did not show her face, it showed the face of a man that had been blurred out.  Her name did not appear in the initial post.

After all the harassment from Sowell and the photographer, we removed the image altered with a man's face placed over Sowell's face and blurred out with a screenshot of the image as posted on Cooper's Facebook page.

If Sowell had problems with that, then she had no one to blame but herself.
It is a fact that her boyfriend was fired for feeding inmates soap.
It is a fact that she is engaged to him.

It is a fact that they both posted a photograph, an alleged professional photograph, on their individual Facebook pages.
It is a fact that the photographer, Andrew Schroeder,  posts photographs similar  to the one of Copper and Sowell on his Facebook page and his website. He might have even posted the photo in question on these pages, but we didn't waste our time to see.
It is a fact that the photographer has the photos on his website tagged to be easily posted to other individuals Pinterest pages.

It is a fact that our altered image did not expose the face of Deana Sowell and that there is little or no resemblance of the facial features of the man's face and Sowell's face.  Even blurred, Sowell's face is still recognizable, especially the eyes.

Fast forward to this afternoon, we received an email from Thomas "Thom" Diaz, instructing us to remove the image we had in the post about Cooper.

We simply responded "No".

Our use of this and other photos is legally under 17 U.S. Code § 107.

It is not the first time we had to deal with this type of issue. 

We have been involved in two separate lawsuits in which this issue came up.  

The judge in both cases told the individuals that complained that we used their photos that had been posted on social media sites or other places, it was not illegal, if you don't want someone to have your photo or use it like it was on our blogs to not post them on social media sites.

Dan McDonald the former head of Arkansas Child Support Enforcement was bothered that we posted these photos of him on our blog, Bad Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet objected to our use of these photos on our Bad Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control blog.

We received a request from the attorney that represented a law breaking  police officer to redact part of a letter we posted.

Bottom line, we take our blogs and the information that we dispense to the public very seriously and are not frightened by letters from attorneys or lawsuits when we utilize public information, information obtained via a FOI request or from a thorough investigation of the facts.

Just ask the Attorney General and one of her minions,  Colin Jorgensen.

Deana Sowell is worried about what her potential employers will think about our post about a former jailer fired for feeding prisoners soap and her being connected to him. 

Seems to us that she should be more concerned about marrying him.



Does the last name of Sowell ring a bell?  We bet it does if you follow this blog.

According to information and belief, she is a relative of Johnny Sowell, who is the subject of an exposé series on this blog.

***UPDATE 6/26/17***

A reader contacted us and gave us some startling information.  Turns out that Ms. Sowell has another reason she does not want to be blogged about.  

And it's worse than the information about her husband-to-be feeding soap to inmates.

Her father, Robert Sowell is a registered sex offender.


Back in 2013 he was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault in the first degree, a Class A Felony for having sex with his 14 year old niece, Ms. Sowell's cousin.


The "best dad ever" entered a negotiated plead and was sentenced two two years in prison.

Once released from prison. he was determined to be a serious risk to the public and that he would offend again.

The State asked the judge to sign and order to continue and extend monitoring of "the best dad ever".

It was revealed that he still had a sexual interest in his niece and no one else.

That folks is a sick individual.


There is a connection to our post about the illegal mayor of Shirley Arkansas, Johnny Sowell in this matter...turns out that the "best dad ever" was appointed a court appointed attorney after he claimed he was indigent.  The court appointed attorney was Ralph Blagg, the same attorney that the City of Shirley blamed for screwing up the annexation of Johnny Sowell's residence.

We expect that Ms. Sowell would say that there is another side to the story about her father just like she did with her husband-to-be.

According to information on her Facebook profile she is a college student at UCA majoring in Psychology.  Perhaps she should consider changing her major to advertising or political science and becoming a spokesman like one of those Donald Trump employs to spin the truth.

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