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In January 2016, we were one of the first outlets to report that the Governor's eldest son, Asa William Hutchinson, III had been arrested for DWI.  It was his third DWI arrest. 

Asa III was found guilty of Driving while Intoxicated, Careless and Prohibited Driving and Refusal to Submit to Chemical Testing on December 5, 2016.

Asa III has appealed that judgment.

And a hearing has been set for July 24, 2017 on the appeal.

Readers will also recall that we reported in June of last year that Asa III had been arrested for possession of illegal drugs when he tried to enter the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on May 21, 2016.


Asa III was able to get a sweet deal, usually only given to individuals under the age of 25. Asa III got a break and was given Pre Trial Diversion at the request of the prosecutor.  Smell a rat or the Good Ole Boy System?

Asa III was 41 when he was permitted to use the program set up for individuals half his age and with far fewer drug (alcohol is a drug) related arrests that he has.

The Alabama Court records indicate that they did not consider that he had been arrested for DUI/DWI three times, although those arrests occurred in Arkansas and not in Alabama.

The Baldwin County Alabama Prosecuting Attorney's Office was extremely evasive and reluctant to speak with us and we had to pull teeth to get the case disposition from them.

Turns out that the prosecuting attorney at the time, Hallie Scott Dixon, had a rather sketchy history as prosecutor and and had been under investigation herself.


No doubt Asa III received special treatment from Dixon due to the fact that his father was Governor of Arkansas.

And maybe the arrest of her own daughter for theft in 2015 had something to do with her decision to let Asa III slide. Birds of a feather stick together they say. Dixon's daughter was also a drug addict like Asa III.

Dixon made lengthy posts on her personal Facebook page at the time and indicated that jail time was required to help drug addiction:  

"Everyone kept telling me to prepare myself for her loss, those who see this every day all said the same thing and all agreed that the only option left to us as a family was to move forward with charges and pray that going to jail would alter her path of self-destruction," Dixon wrote on Facebook.

Asa III is no longer a problem for the State of Alabama and they can do little to him if he fails to report or participate in treatment for his addiction(s). They got a plea and cash for fines, fees and costs from Asa III and case closed.

We wonder if Asa III's departure from the law firm of Bud Roberts brother after all his legal problems with his drug addictions came to a head had anything to do with the sudden resignations at the ABC, especially that of Bud Roberts?

The Good Ole Boy system also prohibits ratting out fellow members so we will probably never know.



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