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A mere four months after the ABC Board gave the problematic Little Rock bar Ernie Biggs a break for multiple violations and incidents of violence, there was yet another altercation occurred as the bar was closing around 2:00 a.m. early this morning.

Two customers were leaving the bar as it was shutting down and an armed man confronted them near the entrance of the bar at 307 President Clinton Blvd.

Police responded to a report that a man with a gun had approached two people in front of Ernie Biggs around 2:00 a.m.

Little Rock police officers on bicycles assigned to the River Market attempted to catch up with the man. He was confronted in the alley behind the troubled bar and gunfire ensued.


Assistant Police Chief Alice Fulk confirmed at least two officers fired their weapons.


Officers assigned to work detail in the River Market were informed of a confrontation between a man and two citizens on President Clinton Avenue in front of Ernie Biggs according to Fulk. 

An officer approached the suspect who ran down President Clinton Blvd., took a left onto Cumberland Street and then continued into the alley behind President Clinton Avenue.

The suspect, only described initially as a male, was transported to UAMS and was reported to be in surgery - his condition unknown to authorities at the time.

We have posted a couple of stories about the bar and its problems:

Readers will recall that ABC Administration Director, Bud Roberts, wanted to send the troubled bar a message last year and put them on probation for six months suspend their permit to serve alcoholic beverages for two weeks.

But the ABC Board took pity on Ernie Biggs and only suspended their permit for two days. 

Back then, veteran ABC Board member Mickey Powell made a profound statement to Ernie Biggs owners and managers, "There are plenty of places in the state of Arkansas you can get your teeth knocked out," Powell said. "We don't need more of them."


What will happen to their permit as a result of this latest incident?  Only time will tell.

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