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Tainted ABC Enforcement Director and habitual liar Boyce Hamlet has stated that he will make ABC Enforcement the most elite law enforcement agency in the state.

That will be hard to do as he does not posses any of the required knowledge, abilities or skills that the job description for his position requires.  Never-mind that he himself is a Brady Officer, which is the kind of officer no self-respecting agency wants as an employee, much less as it's director.


Hamlet spent the last 15 years covering up his hiring and firing by the Arkansas State Police to obtain jobs in law enforcement that he probably would not have been able to obtain had he been honest and disclosed that information to the agencies that hired him. Instead he filed false documents and forms, and violated the law in doing so.

Hamlet has been careless with weapons and has had at least two stolen from vehicles parked at his residence in Conway.

Hamlet refused to pay state income taxes he owed back in 2004 until he was appointed to his position at the ABC. He had to pay them to keep his job (DFA frowns on its employees that owe state taxes or unpaid child support).

Supervisory Agents

Heroman is another DFA/ABC employee that refused to pay the state income taxes he owed.

When he was employed by the Pine Bluff Police Department and was separated from his wife at the time, he used his position as a Captain to have officers arrest and put her in jail when she refused to leave the marital residence.

Just before Endsly went to work for the ABC he was with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.  Apparently he had some sort of psychological problem and had to turn in his city issued weapons  and shortly thereafter retired.  When he was hired by the ABC his carrying a gun was still an issue.  Apparently he received treatment and was cleared to tote a gun while on the job.  Let's hope he never shoots someone while he's at the ABC as that could lead to a law suit that the state would have a hard time defending based on his history.


Rider was investigated by the FBI concerning allegations that he acted as a hit man to kill a woman that was causing trouble for the Fort Smith Police Department (where he was employed) and the Sebastian County Prosecuting AttorneyRider had to appear before a Grand Jury in Washington, D.C.  He was never formally charged nor was he officially cleared by the FBI.

According to many citizens of Barling, when Rider was Chief of Police, he spent a lot of time at his girlfriend's residence as opposed to being at the office and pimped up the police cars with fancy rims.

ABC Enforcement Agents

When Boyd was employed by the Fort Smith Police Department he was involved in the harassment of a fellow female officer.  The harassment was so severe that the female officer resigned.





If you take the time to review the credential's of many of the ABC Enforcement Agents you will find that several of them are more qualified and have much more experience than Hamlet to head the ABC.  It's a matter of time before Hamlet sends them a Shit-O-Gram and forces them to "resign".

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