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In a previous post we pointed out the salary shenanigans that happened at the ABC earlier this year.  Documents recently obtained from the Department of Finance and Administration provide some additional details.

Boyce Hamlet, who did not meet the qualifications for the position of ABC Director, was placed into that position only because of his connections to the Republican Party and Asa Hutchinson. 

Because Hamlet was unqualified, he had to make four of his agents supervisors to be able to run the enforcement side of the ABC. And once he delegated most if not all of his direct supervisory responsibly to the four agents, he asked for and received an $8,125,00 salary increase predicated on his taking on more responsibilities. There is no other word that can be used to describe this unbelievable situation than bullshit. 



Each of the four agents that were promoted received a $5,000.00 raise. DFA had to justify the salary increase for them, but because Hamlet is a political appointee, they did not. More bullshit.

The job classification for the position has not changed since Hamlet joined the ABC and the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) can produce no document that gives the specific additional job responsibilities Hamlet has taken on. Are you getting a good whiff of the bullshit now?

The job classification for the position of ABC Enforcement Director lists requirements that are necessary for an individual to posses to be in that position...

Hamlet lacks most of these requirements, specifically  supervisory experience, knowledge of state accounting, budgetary, and human resources programs, policies and procedures. The ability to explain, interpret, and apply alcoholic beverage control laws, rules and regulations (numerous emails obtained show that he has to seek answers to questions from agents, staff attorneys and other DFA employees).

Hamlet lacks the required educational experience in that he holds a degree from the University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff in General Studies. Nor does he have the required seven years of law enforcement experience. That fact is revealed on DFA document.

Hamlet also does not possess the required law enforcement certification. Hamlet only possess a certification as a probation/parole officer, which limits his law enforcement abilities to those associated with parole/probation activities. The bullshit is overwhelming.

Amy Valentine the DFA Human Resources manager has refused to provide answers to questions about Hamlet's salary increase, and his additional responsibilities.  DFA has a directive in their Code of Ethics that employees are "to respond promptly and accurately to all requests for information and complaints regardless of the source."  A complaint to DFA head Larry Walthers about her refusal to respond has not been addressed. It seems no one at DFA or it's offices follows their own policy. More bullshit.

We suspect that DFA cannot really justify the salary request that Hamlet sought for himself (see the first letter above) and received.  So DFA just ignores the questions and hopes no one will ask questions about the unusual, suspicious, unjustified $8, 125,00 salary increase for a wholly unqualified individual.

The public has a right to know this information and to question Hamlet's appointment to a position that he clearly is not qualified to hold. Coupled with the fact that Hamlet has lied about his employment history in violation of state laws,  should be more than enough for the public to demand his removal from the position.

In an upcoming story, we will show that most if not all of the enforcement agents posses more of the required qualifications for the position than Hamlet (there is one that may not be qualified for the position held - more on that later too). 


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