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Since Boyce Hamlet wormed his way into a job at ABC Enforcement, four agents (not including his predecessor Carl Kirkland) have "resigned".  We know that at least two of them, Jerrell Smith and James Chandler, were forced to resign by Hamlet under threats that he would run their career if they didn't. We previously posted a story about how Hamlet had created a hostile work environment at ABC Enforcement.  Little did we know how bad it really is for his poor demoralized employees. The only safe agents are those that are Republican agents.

Smith was forced to resign on April 22, 2015 and Chandler was forced to resign on August 17, 2015.

Smith apparently made the mistake of using the Arkansas State Police to run criminal checks on suspects he was detaining for police while working part-time as a security guard at Dillard's.

Hamlet told Smith it was not his or HR's decision he "resign" it was DFA Legal that said he had to go. Never mind that Hamlet is the one that was out to get Smith and started the ball rolling by running to Amy Valentine in HR as soon as he found a reason to force him out.  Smith was one of the agents that knew about Hamlet getting fired by ASP for cheating on an exam and lying multiple times to ASP investigators (instructors at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy - ALETA, knew about Hamlets and were spreading it around) and also knew that Hamlet had no prior supervisory or administrative experience. Smith had previously worked in Mississippi and perhaps had heard stories about Hamlet and his exaggerated law enforcement experience in Arkansas when both were working in that state.

Chandler apparently wasn't trying hard enough to get his undercover minors to buy alcohol.  We posted a story about undercover minors back in May that raised the issue of entrapment - ABC Undercover Minors. Maybe Chandler's undercover minors were not able to purchase alcohol from places was because Chandler had his outlets under control and in compliance. Perhaps if Hamlet had any supervisory and administrative experience whatsoever he would be able to realize his agent might be doing a great job.  Maybe Hamlet would rather have outlets violate laws instead of following them to generate funds for the ABC from fines.

Rick Hickman resigned on June 1, 2015. Perhaps he "resigned" as he was a former State Trooper and may have had knowledge about Hamlet being fired for cheating on an exam and lying multiple times to ASP Special Investigation Unit investigators.

Hamlet did however like one thing about Hickman.... his handwriting.

Perhaps Hamlet admired Hickman's handwriting because Hamlet's own handwriting resembles that of a dyslexic third grader with ADHD on Adderall.

The only agent that we know was not forced out was Bill Lynch. Lynch actually retired.

We understand that Hamlet has attempted to bring in some of his friends as agents but can't get their salaries high enough like he did his own as reported in a previous post,  ABC Salary Shenanigans.

The remaining ABC Enforcement agents report that they feel like they are walking on eggshells with Hamlet.  They complain that since the word has gotten out about Hamlet (in this blog and from law enforcement officers that know about what happened to him at the ASP) that are worried about how that impacts the perception of their agency.  They also worry that any little mistake they might make would result in Hamlet getting rid of them. Many say that since Hamlet has no prior supervisory experience he is not familiar with progressive levels of discipline and just has no idea how to be a leader. Many say he is simply not qualified.

Hamlet has stated that he wants to make ABC Enforcement the most elite and respect law enforcement agency in the state. Lofty undertaking for someone like Hamlet.

Since ABC Enforcement deals with compliance, review/investigation of applications and as a process server for the ABC Administration, is Hamlet going to branch out and have the ABC Enforcement agents tasked to other outside area?

Hamlet secured around $11,000.00 from his former boss, Cody Hiland, to purchase protective vests for his agents (who knew that compliance work was so dangerous).  I guess they will wear them while sitting in their vehicle while their undercover minor (who is not wearing one) goes into an establishment attempting to purchase alcohol.

As Hamlet like the say "hint-hint", look for a story about expanding their area.

We wonder what would happen if one of the agents that was forced to resign or face the wrath of Hamlet's career running threat if they did not, went to the Equal Opportunity Commission and filed a complaint about discrimination?

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